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Uninspired by Maternity Wear? Mix It Up With These Ideas

Are you pregnant and feeling less than impressed with the clothing offerings out there? I sure am. I love a stretchy dress as much as the next person but after days of scrolling all the best maternity labels, I am...bored. The muted colour palettes, the just under knee length bodycon cuts, the jeans with the stretchy over bump waist band, none of it is really doing it for me. I am not throwing shade at these labels, some of them are incredible but for me, third time around, I want to feel more vibrant, alive and fun. I want to feel young, and edgy and I do not want to shy away from fashion but rather run towards it.

Join me on mission non-maternity-wear pregnancy dressing, at my fave affordable destination, Canberra Outlet, where I tried on 3 pregnancy approved outfits, all loud, all very non-maternity, and all very fun (and granted my bump has just about doubled in the few weeks since I took these pics, there comes a time only maternity wear will do, but that awkward in-between phase absolutely deserves to be embraced with nothing but fassshun)

The Bold Colour

Red is always deliciously bold and the gathered waist sticking here is embracing the bump so beautifully. Keep and open mind when it comes to bump dresses, you can go ultra glam, or super chill, but you absolutely do not need to wear a knee length, ruched singlet dress, there are so many more options.

Cue, Canberra Outlet

The Matching Set

You will have no struggle finding a matching set at the moment, they are everywhere! Look for drawstring waists that can expand, or super roomy (size up a bit if needed) palazzo cut pants that sit either below or above the bump, and opt for cut crop tops or shirred detail that grow with your body. And have fun! Prints, colours, florals, whatever floats your boat.

Guess, Canberra Outlet

The Wild Print

Minimalism is hard to escape and has been for some time, even more so for those expecting. We all appreciate a clean line and understated polish but is anyone missing bold prints? There is something so confident about embracing a quirky print when all the world feels block colour and muted. Leopard print is definitely on hiatus but the other animal prints are ready to step in.

Cue, Canberra Outlet

I firmly believe pregnancy style should a whole lot more fun, and also more affordable. When you are buying something that will only be worn for a short few months it makes so much sense to go for pieces that you can still wear after bus arrives. It also makes so much sense to shop sale where you can and Canberra Outlet has you covered.


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