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How To Make Better Clothing Purchases

Let's be real, we are all guilty of making poor purchase choices, from sale rack items that seemed too good to pass but have never been worn, to overpriced event wear that gets taken out just once, none of us are immune to mistake buys.

I always encourage my clients to focus first on eliminating purchase fails because the single best thing you can do for your wardrobe is to STOP buying and start carefully curating. So, before you add anything to your closet, you need to ensure it ticks all the boxes to ensure it will be loved, worn and worth your hard earned cash.

The 4 boxes:

Colour - Does the colour align with my colour season and fit in with the rest of my wardrobe?

Shape - Does the proportion work for my shape and do I know how to balance it?

Texture - Does the fabric create interest, is it quality, does it feel nice to wear?

Style Brand - Does the item reflect my style, does it feel authentic, does it feel like "me"?

It may sound simple but by being conscious of these 4 requirements, educating yourself and taking the time to reflect on every single potential purchase means you will eliminate wasteful spending and begin to build a wardrobe that truly works for you. So before you buy anything new, ask yourself if it hits the mark on these non-negotiables, if not, or if you are unsure about what these boxes mean for you, it is worth educating yourself before you add another item to your closet.

You deserve a wardrobe that feels good and doesn't drain your time, energy and money! Taking the time to learn your colours, your proportions, the importance of fabric and mapping out your unique style brand will have you shopping like a stylist and wondering why you waited so long to get style-wise!


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