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Hello beautiful, thanks for stopping by!


I am Kimberley, a personal stylist on a mission to empower and reach as many women as I can who are feeling stuck with their style and confidence. After working with clients for over a decade as well as teaching style classes to small groups, I thought "there has got to be an easier, more accessible way to help more women" and so The Style School was born! I am on a mission to share my insider knowledge to help you to discover how to dress with confidence and celebrate your unique, beautiful and wonderful self through fashion, coming in June watch this space!

Working as a stylist for over 15 years, with individual clients, on commercial jobs, running style workshops and on television, I have discovered time and time again exactly how powerful it is to find that magic spot where taste, budget, lifestyle and individuality intersect. When you feel comfortable, confident and 100% yourself, your soul shines!


Dressing well isn't rocket science, but there are concrete steps you can take and vital skills you can learn which will turn you into a style star in your own life and I am here to break it all down for you. I will hold your hand as you embark on your style journey, ready to arm you with the knowledge and skills to love your wardrobe and have it love you right back!

So, what is holding you back from loving getting dressed every morning? Let's find out, and change it. You are so very worthy of stepping out into the world each day feeling good, feeling confident, feeling like YOU!


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