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4 New Year Style Resolutions For Your Wardrobe

New year, new you - it's time to get-a-thinking about who you want to be for the next 12 months and how you want to dress to make that happen.

I Will Only Buy Something If It Hits The 5 Rule

Sometimes to keep us line we need a firm rule to adhere to and the magic 5 is one I live by. Before you purchase anything you must identify a minimum of 5 items in your wardrobe that you can style it with (bonus points for more than 5!).

There are times this rule will not apply such as special event wear, but otherwise, you want to ensure you are adding to your closet in a clear, considered way and maximise what you currently have. If you are only able to list 1 or 2 items, consider what you need to make the piece work and if it means purchasing a handful more items then you are probably headed in the wrong direction!

Consider these wardrobe staples from Cotton On which will absolutely hit that 5 for you...

Ribbed Tank, Cotton On
Linen Shirt, Cotton On

Utility Skirt, Cotton On
Denim Short, Cotton On


I Will Dress For Myself First And Foremost

This sounds so easy but in reality but is a difficult mental shift for so many of us. We all walk around with external voices influencing our choices, whether our internal critic, our peer group, our partner etc, telling us we can't, we shouldn't, we won't. Practicing how to silence those voices and listen to our own is imperative to good style. Ask yourself "what do I like, what makes me happy, what is comfortable for me". Start to train your brain to silence the critique by coming back to the self.

Be guided by your intuition and explore these risky, conceptual pieces from Cue...

Utility Dress, Cue
Structured Mini, Cue

Bold Wide Leg Pant, Veronica Maine
Organe Shirt, Veronika Maine


I Will Opt For Quality Over Quantity

Often we think quality comes at a higher cost, and that can be true at times, but if you educate yourself on fabric blends you will realise quality does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Go for natural fibres as much as possible, by all means check out the discount racks being mindful that last seasons stock does not mean a compromise on quality but luck and know-how, and say goodbye to polyester for good.

Get your quality natural fibres for less at Seed Heritage discount:

Linen Shirt, Seed Heritage
Linen Boyfriend Shirt, Seed Heritage


I Will Have More Fun

Guess what? Fashion is supposed to be FUN! When did we all become so muted, so afraid to take risks, so same-same? Social media aesthetics have taken some of the shine off the creativity of fashion, with themed feeds, minimalist vibes and neutrals trending for so long, we have lost a sense of play and colour (I personally am very guilty of this, so let's say this together now - fashion should fun, and it starts here, today!

Try these fun accessories from Jo Mercer to inject some life into your style...

Woven Mule, Jo Mercer
Woven Mule, Jo Mercer

Woven Top Handle Clutch, Jo Mercer
Bright Platform, Jo Mercer

Browse these styles and more at Canberra Outlet!


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