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How To Maximise Your Work-Wardrobe

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Before you go updating your corporate wardrobe, consider how you can get the most value from refreshing your work wear with just a few simple pieces, all the better when you can get them for less (I found all of these items at Canberra Outlet, my go-to for quality work wear without the huge price tag!).

1. Stock Up on Separates

While stand alone pieces such as work dresses seems easy because they take the work out of styling outfits in the morning, I always encourage my clients to purchase separates because they can also double up as weekend/off duty wear. Selecting separates that can be styled back with the rest of your wardrobe means better CPW (cost per wear), a less wasteful approach to building your wardrobe and less chance you will get bored as the options are unlimited. Go for layerable basics, blazers, vests and pants which can be styled up for evening or down for weekend but work just as well in the corporate world.

Vest & pants available at Forcast Clothing

Blazer and Pants available at Forcast Clothing

2. Add A Bright

Taking your corporate wear to the next level can be as simple as adding in one bright pop of colour. You can go ultra bold with a power suit or mix and match one bright piece like a ribbed knit or bright pant, or simply update your accessories to brighter versions. In a sea of black, white and grey, adding a colour pop will give you instant fashion edge. Cobalt and cherry red are great choices for extra punch.

Available at Cue

Available at Portmans

Available at Cue

3. Elevate Your Shapes

It is time to get loud, and by loud I mean turn up the volume with a bold silhouette. Because work-wear tends to be muted, you might find yourself feeling uninspired and flat day after day. If colour is not your thing, inject your statement through proportion. Consider sizing up in your blazers, experimenting with longer skirts or try a flared pant, whatever element you feel comfortable pushing the limits with is fine, but the key is volume!

Available at Forcast

Available at Cue

Whether your work place is ultra polished and professional or more casual, back to work wear does not need to be boring, have some fun with your corporate wear but get it for less, for me that means a trip out to Canberra Outlet!


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