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3 Things That Could Be Ruining Your Style

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

While I do not truly believe anything can "ruin" your style, there are a few small things that could be bringing down your overall look (the good news though is that they are easily fixed!).

Try switching up these things for instant style elevation...

Mixing up your Warms and Cools - every time you select an outfit it will lean either cool or warm, even if you choose neutrals. Mixing up your warms and cools brings down your style and creates confusion and disharmony. Ensure you style your gold jewellery with warm tones, your silver jewellery with cool tones and any accessoriy that isn't black or white will sit either warmer or cooler so be conscious of this too. Make a set choice of whether you are going cool or warm when creating an outfit and build your look within that.

Warm Outfit
Cool Outfit

Round Toe Shoes - unless you are wearing sneakers, lug boots or chunky court shoes, a round toe does you no favours. A soft, gradient point or a strong point are far more flattering as they elongate the leg, so whether you are choosing a boot, a flat or a heel, point is key!

Point Boot
Point Flat

Cheap, Outdated Denim - I see this regularly and it pains me in the fashion heart. That dark wash denim in the stretch fabric with no substance usually in a skinny cut that screams target circa 2005, it is doing you no favours. Quality denim speaks for itself and is always worth the spend. You are better to go vintage if you want good denim for less, this applies to denim jackets and skirts too.

Cheap, Stretch Skinny Jean
Quality, Relaxed Jean

When it comes to style, the little things are the everythings! With a few simple switch ups you will improve your look dramatically. After more style advice? I'd love to help - get in touch by clicking here!


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