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How To Style Your Summer Dresses In Winter

You can absolutely take your summer dresses into Autumn and Winter with just some simple layering and the right accessories. It's a great idea to stock up on your dresses when it isn't dress season because you will be able to take advantage of sales, prepare your wardrobe 6 months ahead and with the right bridging pieces, wear them in A/W!

The Linen Dress

We all embraced a heap of linen last Summer and you can still keep that vibe going as it cools down. All you need to do is add in a Lug Sole Boot, an oversized Bomber and some feminine pieces like a gold detail cross body bag to soften the edge. I found this dress heavily reduced at Cue, linen perfection!

Available at Cue, Canberra Outlet

The Cocktail Dress

Nothing looks better than an evening style dress pulled back into daytime and layered for the elements. Add sneakers, a shirt jacket, sporty cross body, hoop earrings and a winter element such as a beanie. This mix of glam and street creates a beautiful balance. I found this show stopper at Forcast, Canberra Outlet.

Available at Forcast, Canberra Outlet

The Summer Maxi

A dress that screams Summer can also whisper Winter if you work it right. Those pop of colour, beach, BBQ dresses can have their place year round with some simple layering. Low plunge dresses look amazing styled over a long sleeve bodysuit. Push this quirky look even further with a trending cowgirl boot and 90's denim bag.

Available at Cue, Canberra Outlet


A good wardrobe is one which is filled with bridging pieces aka the items that work outside of their set season. With the right styling know-how, accessories and layering pieces, you can buy your Summer dresses discounted during Autumn and Winter, this means that not only are you saving with the discounts on last seasons stock, you are still be able to enjoy them without waiting 6 months for the calendar to change. Check out the dresses I found at Canberra Outlet now for some serious savings!


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