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How To Style a Pop of Colour

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

One of the best ways to inject life into your wardrobe for Spring/Summer is to add a pop of colour, bonus points if it is bright, fun and deviates from your usual palette. The power of a bright tone should never be underestimated, whether that be a punchy red, a fuchsia pink, cobalt blue or a tangerine orange (my current favourite).

Top tips for styling with colour...

  1. Pair with a fresh neutral - beige, white or black will ensure you stay modern and elegant rather than rainbow and messy

  2. Layer it up - select two pieces in the same tone to avoid the cliche of pairing your usual outfits with a different coloured top (ie uninspired and obvious)

  3. Compliment with the right jewellery - warmer brights (mustard, burnt orange, red) will work with gold where as cooler brights (blue, teal, lavender) suit silvers

  4. Work the details - pair a bright lip or bright nail shade with your colour pop piece to drive the message home

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