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Best Shoe Styles for Spring/Summer 2024

Adding just a couple of new shoe styles to your wardrobe is a full proof way to elevate your style into the new season, leaving you free to stick with the same closet staples you know and love, without looking dated.

Try these trending shoe styles for the Summer ahead...

The Flatform

Similar to the chunky sandals we are already accustomed to, the "flatform" takes the casual slide/sandal to new heights. This look is fun, has the bonus of adding an inch or two and styles well with this seasons denim midi, a linen culotte or oversized shirt dress.

How to style...


Mesh Slip On

This style might appear a little, ahem, ug...but we know ugly fashion has been having a big moment so why stop now? Let's just roll with it. The mesh flat is the perfect shoe to pair with your short summer hemlines, think denim shorts, micro skirts, short slip dresses or with an ultra feminine dress- this style says "I am not trying hard, therefore I look amazing" even if the rest of your look did involve a whole lot of trying, effort and care.

How to style...


The Mary-Jane Ballet Flat

The Ballet Flat is contentious for comfort lovers, the lack of structure is hardly a foots best friend but if you're tired of all the solid sandals, you can switch over to this option for extra polish. A Mary-Jane style is the height of chic right now, whether over the bridge of the foot or around the ankle, the simple strap detail is key to rocking this trend.

Get The Look...

All of these can be found at FSW, Canberra Outlet!


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