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7 Useful Style Hacks Used By Fashion Stylists

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

A good style hack goes a long way. These simple and effective style tricks will save you time, money and stress when it comes to getting dressed...

1. Avoid An Up-Skirt Moment

A short dress or skirt can be a risky choice as a sudden movement can mean an instant show for all. To combat this, try sewing a weight (a sinker, coin or anything small and heavy) to the inside seam of both sides of the skirt. Voila, instant weight to keep your skirt in place!

2. Remove Pilling

Remove pilling on older, worn items quickly and easily with a razor. Simply run a new razor over the pilled fabric and you will remove the majority of the problem. Be careful to go gently and avoid attempting this on super soft fabrics as it is most effective and safe on sweaters and heavier fabrics. If you are serious about giving new life to your clothes you can purchase a fabric shaver machine which makes older clothes look brand new by removing the pilling and smoothing out wear and tear.

3. Iron in a Hurry

Don't have time to get out the iron or the ironing board to fix your collar? A hair straightener can be used to get rid of creases when you need to get ready in a hurry. This is particularly effective on collars, ties or cotton shirts. Be mindful that your straightener should be clean and free of product build up to avoid stains.

4. Keep Those Sleeves Rolled Up

Love the look of rolled up sleeves but frustrated when they fall down? Combat this issue by using a hair tie. Simply roll the sleeves to where you want them to sit and secure in place with a hair tie, then allow some give to roll over the hair tie to cover up any visual evidence. This will keep your sleeves in place all day.

5. Hide Your Straps

Visible bra straps instantly ruin a good outfit. A great way to benefit from the support of a bra without the straps becoming an issue is to purchase some butterfly bra clips which hold the bra together at the back to create a t shape. This will allow you to wear a much wider range of singlets by allowing you to create a t-back style which leaves the outer points of the shoulders bare. Handy Hint, a paperclip works too if you're in a rush from the office.

6. Flatter Your Legs

A great way to instantly look "styled" is to have your jeans and pants tailored to the perfect length (this can also be achieved by rolling the hems of your jeans or pants up once or twice). Showing off 2-3cm of ankle is the most flattering, streamlining and stylish way to roll your pants and also allows your shoes to make more of an impact for a stylish edge. Tailoring is an inexpensive way to get the perfect fit, or better yet invest in an affordable sewing machine and learn how to take them up yourself.

7. Achieve An Effortless Tuck

Getting the right tuck isn't always easy, some shirts are too slippery or have excess fabric which make the effortless tuck problematic. A great way around this is to use a rubber band/hair tie to pull the excess fabric together at the front of your shirt where the waist band of your pants/jeans/shorts/skirt sits. Then you simply tuck the tail into the front and allow a little give to hide the band.



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