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4 Wardrobe Must-Haves for Spring

Every wardrobe has it's star players, the MVP's that start off the bench (ahem, rack) day after day....can you tell footy finals have infiltrated my brain? As I was saying, the wardrobe staples that fill the gaps, maketh the outfits and work harder than Kris Jenner in a PR crisis are invaluable assets worth investing in. Here are my top 4 for the season...

The Oversized Shirt

Nothing says easy, breezy Spring days like an oversized cotton shirt. While black and white are classics that will go a long way in making outfits, in Spring it is nice to inject a fresh colour & I for baby blue is the perfect answer.

Cotton On, Canberra Outlet, Spring Fashion Trends
Cotton On, Canberra Outlet

The Column Maxi

Welcome to the skirt silhouette update we have all been waiting for - long, streamlined and chic, the Column Maxi is effortless and easy to style. There are a few different takes on this style, from crisp denim to utility cotton to viscose tencel blends, but they all achieve the same elongated silhouette so choose whatever vibe you like.

Cotton On, Canberra Outlet, Spring Trends
Cotton On, Canberra Outlet

Crochet Dress

This might be more of a micro trend, but I am here for it because I can see longevity with this look on future vaycays for years to come. To avoid being too ott go for a relaxed cut, tight is not the way to play this look, ease balances the bisque nature of the see through fabric. You can style over a simple swimsuit, layer over a shorter tank dress if you do not want anything to be seen or add a blazer for contrast and coverage.

Cotton On, Canberra Outlet, Spring Style Trends
Cotton On, Canberra Outlet

The Leotard

I don't have to tell you this is a hot item right now, everywhere you look you'll notice the leotard having a moment. While it might feel daunting on it's own, when layered with an oversized shirt it's the perfect piece to have a little fun with. This look can be styled down with active pieces or dressed up with bold outerwear, slides and statement jewellery.

Cotton On, Canberra Outlet, Spring Style Trends
Cotton On, Canberra Outlet

Spring can be a tricky time with the weather being so changeable, so whatever wardrobe staples you invest in, make sure you have easy butter wear to through on and take off whatever outfits you style and most importantly consider your CPW, a small handful of new items which work as your outfit canvas's are key.

All of of these pieces are now available at Cotton On in Canberra Outlet!


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