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4 Reasons To Hire A Personal Stylist

Whether we are conscious of it or not, the negative feelings resulting from a style rut can spill over into every part of our life. A messy, uninspiring wardrobe can leave us feeling frazzled, stressed, bored, weighed down and out of control. Fortunately there are people who are trained to fix all that for you by guiding you along a journey towards a clutter free, considered wardrobe which ultimately means a confident sense of self, a refined sense of style and ease getting dressed everyday!

Personal Stylist Kimberley Sara The Style Side

A Stylist Will Give You The Push You Need

Stepping out of a style rut can feel like a monumental leap. You will likely feel challenged, exposed, terrified and uncertain. Change can be scary but it is true what they say - change can also be as a good as holiday. Sometimes we need to be pushed towards change because our comfort zone does ultimately does not serve us. Life is about growing and expanding, and out style plays a huge role in that. A Personal Stylist will give you the little push you need to start in the right direction and taking that one small step will make the next steps easier.

Insider Tips

Fashion Stylists don't just have a basic understanding of trends and enjoy pretty clothing, the knowledge of a Personal Stylist is extensive from in-depth colour theory to fabrics to dressing different shapes, the history of clothing, subcultures, shopping well and budgeting. A good stylist will have studied or worked alongside other professionals to advance their own knowledge and skills which make all the difference to how they are able to help you. Personal Styling expertise is far more deep than having a good eye, never underestimate the value one can offer you!

Saves You Time

Shopping can be time con summing and truth be told it is not always fun, even if movies want to pretend its one long musically curated montage of look after look. In reality it can be hot, exhausting, frustrating - getting changed again and again can leave you flustered and cranky, not to mention dealing with parking, crowds and mean mirrors (why are stores not held liable for the crush of confidence from a poorly lit room with horrible mirrors, just cruel hah!). A Personal Stylist will dodge around the mistakes right off the bat and select only the most suitable items for you. They will communicate with the shop assistants and work out sizing and hangers and ensure the experience is stress free from start to finish. Better yet, by opting for an online styling package, you don't even need to leave the house!

The Friend To Hold Your Hand

We all need a fashion friend - the one who offers quick feedback, tells you if something is working or not, offers an opinion or simply reaffirms that "yes you do look absolutely amazing you gorgeous queen". Sometimes those irl friends are busy but your Personal Stylist is there for YOU because, well yes, you ARE paying them, but also it is their undeniable passion because no one becomes a successful stylist without passion. What could be worth more than having someone hold your hand throughout your fashion journey? A fashion friend is worth every penny!

Online Personal Stylist Kimberley Sara The Style Side

Still not convinced? Or totally sold? Click here to get in touch and see how I can help you as your Personal Stylist today, I live to do this and I would love to help you discover the magic of dressing with confidence x


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