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3 Silhouette Updates To Bring Life To Your Wardrobe

Every 5-10 years we see a big shift in the proportions of clothing, the most obvious example of this is usually seen with denim (skinny gave way to relaxed jeans in recent times breaking the hearts of mellenials everywhere). In the majority of wardrobe audits I conduct I come across similar outdated pieces, with the proprtions on classic items shifting quite dramatically over the years. I often see knee length trench coats, just above the knee A-Line skirts, flimsy sandals, fine soled sneakers, hip length tee's and fitted blazers. The item itself is not the issue but the proportion/cut looks dated and needs to be reworked into a more modern silhouette.

Want to bring your wardrobe up to speed? Try these 3 siloheuttes shifts...

The Oversized Bomber Jacket

There is no playing it safe with jackets right now, cropped gets big ticks and even bigger ticks when you go exagerated and leather. The over the top leather bomber is the perfect piece to bring edge and a modern spin to your outfit.

Cotton On, Canberra Outlet

The Barrel Jean

These might take some gettng used to, but when styled right they could be eveyrting you didn't know you needed! Not a wide leg, not a mum jean, and not a flare, the Barrel Jean is roomy, relaxed, and are almost so wrong they are right. Just like trackies can look epic with a pair of heels, the Barrel Jean pops best with some heigh (a boot works, or a mule) and a fitted bodysuit or simple basic on top.

Cotton On, Canberra Outlet

The Long Coat

If I had a dollar for everytime I tell a client their winter coats are gorg but the knee legnth is doing them no favours...well I would have enough money to buy one incredible long coat. As with most silouehhtes right now, longer is better. The colour and style are not the most important part, the elongated cut is where it is at, whether you go trench or wool coat, aim for mid calf down to just above thw ankle.

Forecast, Canberra Outlet

When it comes to trying a silohuette change, the best thing is to commit, go for it full tilt until you become comfortable with it and remember fashion is supposed to be fun! These three items are all available at Canberra Outlet, and heaily reduced!


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