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What Is Your Colour Season?

Are you curious to know what colours suit you and why certain tones bring out your features while others wash you out? Discovering your Colour Season will change the way you look at clothing and transform the way you dress!

What are the colour seasons?

Essentially the colour types are broken up into 4 groups, or seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Each of these groups has certain characteristics and are determined by skin tone, hair tone and eye colour. The seasons are broken up into warm and cool then fair and dark.

Spring - Light | Warm

Summer - Light | Cool

Autumn - Dark | Warm

Winter - Dark | Cool



If you are a Spring, you will have a warm undertone to your skin, medium-light hair and hazel, green or blue eyes. You will have a low level of contrast between your hair and skin tones and a softness to your features. The best colours for a spring are warm, full bodied tones such as sky blue, peach, coral pink and warm cream tones. You will look best in gold or rose gold jewellery and a warmer based makeup.


If you are a Summer, you will have a cool skin tone and icey blonde or cool mousey brown hair. Your eyes will likely be blue and you will have a higher contrast between your skin, hair and eye colour than a Spring. Summer's look best in nautical tones - white, baby blue, baby pink, navy blue and grey marle. Silver jewellery is the best choice for a Summer and a pink blush with a clear porcelain base makeup looks best.


Autumns have a lot of warmth to their skin and hair, with brown, hazel and green eyes. If you are an Autumn you will have low level contrast between your hair, skin and eyes, with a general gold warmth to your colouring. Autumn's look best in rich, warm tones such as burnt orange, burgundy, khaki and neutrals. Bronze makeup or a warm red lip shade are perfect for Autumns.


If you are a Winter you will have dark hair with cool undertones, fairer skin and dark eyes although some winters have crystal blue eyes, but all have a high level of contrast between their hair, skin and eye colour. Winters have a lot of depth to their colouring so look best in rich tones such as teal, berry, rich red, fuchsia and black. Smokey eye makeup and berry lip colours are a great choice for a Winter.


Once you're season is determined, you can then move onto discovering your type (there are 3 sub-types of each season) - Soft, True and Bright. It gets more complex from here which is why a stylist and colour consultant can be so useful! Want to find out more? Take a look at a personalised Colour Chart to see how it can help you!


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