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3 Things I Teach All My Clients About Style

Some style advice is universal, so no matter who my client is and which styling service they select, I find myself offering up these 3 bits of advice again and again...

Kimberley Hunt Canberra Stylist Style School

Get Your Colour Palette Right

It is amazing how many people haven't stopped to consider their colour palette. Getting your colour pallet right is not just a matter of determining your colour season and what suits you, but also ensuring that the colour palette you have hanging in your wardrobe is cohesive as a collective - there is no point having an array of tones that suit you if they do not style well together, so getting your colours right is a two pronged approach. What this means is that we want to select a series "Core Colours" (these are neutrals that suit you and style with most tones) and "Accent Colours" (these are colours that suit you, you enjoy wearing and that align with your Core colours as well as one another). Getting these right means we can plan a wardrobe effectively and you will have endless options of pieces that go with each other.

Embrace Your Shape

Simply identifying your shape is not enough, we want to embrace it, dress for it and honour it. The best outfits will not happen if you are working against your shape, we need to lean into it and select items and outfits that follow the shape, nurture the shape and sit well on your widest points as well as your narrowest. There is no use in identifying yourself to be a certain shape but then continue aspiring to be something different, so whether you are an Hourglass, Apples, Pear, Column or Inverted Triangle, getting the outfit silhouette right is all about acceptance and selecting items that provide comfort for that shape to be exactly as it is.

Play With Texture

The first thing I notice in a clients wardrobe aside from the colour mix, is whether or not there is a lacking of texture and more often than not, there is! Texture is where we get feeling, a story, a point of difference. The difference between an average outfit and an incredible outfit is usually texture, so upping your use of tactical, interesting fabrics, details and embellishments is ultra important in creating looks that wow. This is easily done by swapping flat fabrics for interesting ones, for example a linen in place of a flat viscose, a sturdy denim in place of a flat, stretch blend, adding in silk, leather, cable knits, mohair, woven details etc.

Of course, that is just the tip of the iceberg but starting with these 3 things, I am able to convey the quick and easy changes that make a high difference to your wardrobe immediately! Would you like to know more? Let's book you a personal styling appointment, digital styling service or get you on the list for the next Style School Course!


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