6 Tips For Dressing Your Baby Bump In Style

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Becoming pregnant presents a myriad of new style challenges. It is not just the stomach which grows but also the hips, bust, back, waist line, thighs, butt - everything gets bigger and eventually, no matter how much you may resist, you will need to embrace maternity wear. Here are 5 tips to help you dress throughout your pregnancy and maintain your style despite all the changes happening to your body, mind and spirit...

Embrace The Belly

Trying to hide a baby bump doesn't work, not only that but trying to minimize it actually creates volume and extra bulk! Embracing a baby bump is the first key step in maternity style. A pregnant body is beautiful and accentuating the growing belly is the number 1 thing in creating a stylish look. Rather than selecting overly flowy pieces opt for styles which follow the shape of the belly, with the fabric sitting snug across the bump. Welcome to body-con territory. Having said that, you can utilise more giving items with the clever use of knotting, belting and tucking. Whether you knot a tee at the front and pair with a high waisted jean, legging or skirt or belt a dress right under the bust (must be stretchy), this will accentuate your bump and pull your whole look together.

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Enjoy Your Femininity

Pregnancy is a great time to feel at home into your femininity and explore a side of your style you might not otherwise. Soft colours, delicate fabrics, vintage details and a more gentle approach with fashion might start to beckon you, don't fight it! Embrace lace, embroidery, prints, florals, bright lip shades, different nail colours or makeup trends - whatever grabs you, go for it. Your creativity will likely be at an all time high during pregnancy so have some fun with colour and your softer side.

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Keep It Simple

You have enough to worry about with all of the changes happening to your body and life right now so make sure you keep your wardrobe simple and easy. A great way to do this is to stock up on one pieces - a good jumpsuit takes all the guess work out of getting dressed and being so on trend right now, there are loads to choose from. Look for roomy styles which will allow your bump to grow and stretch or soft fabrics are key. Pockets are a bonus and a low neckline will work to balance the relaxed shape of the jumpsuit so V-necks, shoe string straps or backless styles are your best bet.

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Fabric Is Key

Both stretch fabrics and breathable fabrics are the name of the game. Your core temperature will be increased throughout your pregnancy and with your heart growing 12% (yep, crazy hey) to pump all of that extra blood around your body to reach baby, you will definitely feel warmer than normal. Stick to natural fabrics and ensure you wear layers which can easily come off - speaking of, ensure you wear items that make going to the toilet in a hurry an easy job. Fussy buttons, restrictive material, zips and clasps can prove a nightmare when bubs kicks your bladder and you have zero point three seconds to get to the toilet!

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Treat Yourself

There will be a voice in your head saying "you'll only wear it for a few months, don't bother" when you find yourself browsing maternity wear. This may be true but considering these will be the most important few months of your life in terms of identity, change and growth (both physically and spiritually!) you should allow yourself to purchase a few things for this fabulous, baby carrying version of yourself. This is particularly true of some items which simply have to be maternity such as swimwear and underwear, jeans and active wear. Try squeezing into regular jeans past 16 weeks and you will see that there is no possible way forward but to embrace the maternity version! You can either select maternity jeans which sit under the bump or the type which have a stretchy fabric attached to the waist band which covers the bump, both are great choices with the later being a little more comfortable as you can be confident they won't fall down. You can always lend or gift your maternity wear items after you no longer need them- if there is no thing pregnancy promotes, it is the sisterhood and generosity!

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Remember You Are Still You

Yes, you, the mum-to-be who is having an identity crisis, let me tell you something...you are cool. Super cool. You are growing a human and that makes you a kick ass, strong and beautiful woman. There may be a part of you which feels uncomfortable expressing your previous self, because oh my god now you are a mother but that is just societal pressure talking. Just because your body has been taken over by a teeny tiny baby, you are still YOU! Be sexy. Be bold. Be out there. Be comfortable. Be whatever you want to be and own your glorious body! You can be edgy. You can be a tom boy. You can be carefree or glammed up. Do not shy away or succumb to any pressure to hide yourself or dress your body down. Your body still belongs to you and if you ask me, you've never looked better beautiful mama x

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