6 Tips For Dressing Your Baby Bump In Style

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Becoming pregnant presents a myriad of new style challenges. It is not just the stomach which grows but also the hips, bust, back, waist line, thighs, butt - everything gets bigger and eventually, no matter how much you may resist, you will need to embrace maternity wear. Here are 5 tips to help you dress throughout your pregnancy and maintain your style despite all the changes happening to your body, mind and spirit...

Embrace The Belly

Trying to hide a baby bump doesn't work, not only that but trying to minimize it actually creates volume and extra bulk! Embracing a baby bump is the first key step in maternity style. A pregnant body is beautiful and accentuating the growing belly is the number 1 thing in creating a stylish look. Rather than selecting overly flowy pieces opt for styles which follow the shape of the belly, with the fabric sitting snug across the bump. Welcome to body-con territory. Having said that, you can utilise more giving items with the clever use of knotting, belting and tucking. Whether you knot a tee at the front and pair with a high waisted jean, legging or skirt or belt a dress right under the bust (must be stretchy), this will accentuate your bump and pull your whole look together.