How Becoming A Mum Changed My Style Part 2

Style is an evolving, ever changing representation of where we are in life and how we feel inside. The impermanence of style is where the excitement and interest lays; what is next, who am I today and who will I be tomorrow? These questions are what I find fascinating about fashion.

I recently wrote a piece discussing the ways in which becoming a mum changed my style. I think it has shifted once again. As my son enters his last term at pre-school, we have settled into a different phase and are preparing for full time schooling next year which will completely change my lifestyle as well as how I dress. I will be moving from working 2-3 days to going hard on my business 5 days a week and suddenly find myself with lots of extra hours. This will mean more meetings, more styling clients and more opportunities to collaborate on projects which I am so excited about. It will also mean more effort and less being at home which will inevitably change the way I dress.