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Finding Your "Why"

The most important question in everything we do is 'why'? I have often heard this phrase or read it in motivational books (what can I say, I am one of those annoying, motivational quote lovers who drive cynics mad!) but I have never given it much thought or attention. It wasn't until last year that this question started to have more importance for me as I deviated from the path I was on and jumped head first into my styling business, running workshops and blogging. Whether starting a business, changing careers, shifting values or embarking on a new adventure, this question should come first. Now I regularly ask myself "what is my why" - what is the reason for doing what I am doing? What is the purpose of my passion?

Peachy Keen Braddon

This is a photo of me at the opening of Peachy Keen last year, I remember the feeling bouncing around the room which was one of support, love and creativity created from a bunch of good people coming together (thanks gorgeous Alicia for the invitation!). This photo captures me exactly as I am. I am not cool, never have been, never will be and I am ok with that. I am as silly, ridiculous, smiley and annoyingly optimistic as this photo shows - this is me being me and I think this explains exactly what my "why" is all about - comfort in ones skin, acceptance of self, having fun with fashion and celebrating the quirks that make us who we are. We can't all be the cool girl, the leggy blonde, the most popular, the fittest, the most successful or effortlessly glamorous, we cant' all be the loudest, the smartest or the most "beautiful". We can only ever be exactly who we are so we must own that.

I am realising that more and more that my "why" is centred around the idea of celebrating individuality, igniting confidence in those around me and inspiring creativity through the form of fashion. I don't work with clients to make them look "pretty" or "nice", of course this is a by-product of effective styling and I hope to achieve this in every job I do, but more than anything it is about the feeling not the look, fashion and style is not one dimensional, it is living, breathing, moving; it is about character, art and the human experience. I don't generically apply the same style ideas to everyone, rather what I aim to do is break down a persons walls, discover their core and connect them to that place within themselves. What I hope to do is assist someone in their discovery of self, to help the person underneath to stand up, stare life in the face and proudly say "this is me, take it or leave it, I am comfortable and happy this way". It is about working towards unwavering self belief, absolute comfort in the skin (and clothing) you are in and ultimately it's about having fun celebrating the things that make us all different.

My "why" grows stronger and clearer every day as I meet extraordinary women, surround myself with inspiration and connect with myself, working through my own struggles and insecurities while also being able to be proud of my achievements. We are all one, we may have different faces, different stories and different lives yet we all feel the same self doubt, we all have pain, we all desire acceptance and we all stumble through this crazy thing called life ticking off wins and losses, mistakes and triumphs. I am all about women for women, being real, raw and honest. Being silly, genuine, and proud. I am about following the path that feels right and respecting that we each have a heart that beats for something different, there are no rights and wrongs when it comes to our dreams, interests, passions and goals.

Find your "why", whatever it may be and make that intrinsic to what you do. My "why", is pumping others up, helping women discover their confidence, challenging the notion of what my industry means to those who may dismiss it, digging deep for pride in a world that demands we be ashamed of our differences, striving for kindness and shining a light on the beauty we all possess. That is my 'why'- that is what drives me.

No matter the journey, goal or dream, find your why first and let that guide you. If your purpose is strong, eventually you will succeed x

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