My Olaplex Transformation Part 2

Any blonde (or bronde) knows that achieving the right shade and condition is a gradual process - which is why I booked in for part 2 when starting my Olaplex journey. On my initial appointment in August, Kelly the owner of Headquarters Salon, transformed my damaged balayaged tresses into healthier, brighter, lighter locks. Since then I have been having regular Olaplex treatments in conjunction with using the step 3 treatment at home to continue to improve the strength and structure of my hair.

I was super excited to get back to Headquarters for my second colour refresh. My hair has come so far in terms of condition, volume and repair over the last two months but I still needed a colour refresh and further blending of highlights and low lights. I sat down to the always inspiring Big Ink magazine...which leads me the exciting announcement which was announced yesterday, I am now on board as a style contributor with Big Ink! I can't wait to start developing content and begin working with this talented, inspiring team. To check out what Big Ink is all about click here.

After getting comfortable, coffee in hand and magazine covered, I had a brief discussion with Kelly about what colour I was after, deciding to stick with similar to the first time but brighten the blonde, add some low lights and raise the highlights around my face. Working her magic, Kelly began adding foils and transforming my hair with the addition of the Olaplex.

Spending so much time here over the last couple of months has confirmed to me that not only is this salon filled with talent but it truly has a gentle, calming effect and it has come to me the highlight of my week. I could spend hours here chatting away - the friendly atmosphere is an absolute credit to Kelly, she has blended together professionalism and exceptional skills with nurturing, caring and quality service - no easy feat!


After a million foils, Olaplex treatment Step 2 and a good blowout, I am so impressed. The colour is the exact blend of shades I was after, blending seamlessly and picking up the cool tones so well. The low lights break up the blonde which is so important when transforming a brunette into a blonde, as flat colour looks unnatural and competes against the skin tone.

I couldn't be happier with the condition and colour of my hair - the breakage is radically reduced, short broken pieces are finally growing back and I am finding I need less products when styling my hair because I am not having to fight with the condition anymore. I can't thank or recommend Headquarters or Olaplex enough - finding a lifelong hairdresser truly is the beauty holy grail and finding a revolutionary product is a close second.

Now excuse me while I go enjoy being blonde, because while I can't confirm blondes actually 'have more fun' I can confirm Olaplex converts do!

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