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Q&A with We Are Savages Co-founder Kimmi Hibel

Leather is more than just a fabric, it draws loyal devotees, collects memories and lasts forever. If leather jackets could talk, oh the million stories they could tell - first kisses, plane trips to foreign lands, road trips, wild nights, bold adventures and new love. Leather is for the bold, the edgy, the real - it belongs to the game changers.

One such game changer is Kimmi Hibel, one half of We Are Savages, the cult leather brand based in Bondi. Being a previous Bondi resident (and hopefully to be again in the not too distant future!), I have a soft spot for anything born from this special and iconic postcode. We Are Savages is the name on every 'cool' list - edgy, tough, raw and organic. We Are Savages is so very now, they "represent a true to heart clothing infusion of street culture manifested in their artistic take on Bondi's underground fashion scene".

I was luckily enough to grab five minutes of Kimmi's time to ask her some questions about her style, career and Bondi life to gain some insight into the creativity and ethos behind the We Are Savages brand.

Kimmi Hibel We Are Savages

Kimmi, how did you turn your idea and vision into the cult brand it is today?

I turned my idea and vision into the cult brand it is today through persistence. Every day I would try harder, try new things, take new avenues and after many months of hard work our brand is where it is at today through all that hard work.

What career achievements are you most proud of?

Creating a brand from the ground up has been a great career achievement for me. You don't realise how much work goes into something like this until you start.

Any surprises or learning curves along the way?

Absolutely! Every time our brand would reach a new benchmark, we generally would also discovery a mistake we made or realise we've taken the longest route possible, but that's half the fun of learning. I wouldn't change a thing!

What lead you into fashion?

My partner and I both have a love for fashion. Prior to creating our label, we were constantly trying to find specific items of clothing but never could get exactly what we were looking for, so we decided to create our own line that and that's how we entered the fashion world.

Favorite hang out in Bondi?

Lox Stock & Barrell. This cafe has amazing food, coffee and super friendly staff! I always feel at home when I'm there.

Favorite drink/cocktail?

Reddd, redddd wineeee! I love a good glass of red!

Style icons or influences?

Kate Moss - for her gorgeous, just rolled out of bed, French vogue look that she has all the time. From the hair, makeup and outfits.

Alexander Wang - his brand has been a huge influence for us. He has an edgy, underground feel and he turns basics into gold by adding an effortless, cool feel to each garment.

Rihanna - I love her street style look. She wears everything oversized, ripped, men's clothes, sheer tops - everything I love!

City or Beach?

Beach! It's nice to chill and relax by the ocean and leave the fast paced city scene.

Can't live without....?

The gym/working out. In order to have a healthy mind and lifestyle, regular exercise is definitely a must!

Go-to outfit?

Black body con dress, Bandits Leather Jacket, All white Adidas shoes.

Where to next?

Take We Are Savages global! We are slowly making our way into the international market and the response has been fantastic so far!

Success is....

Success is happiness. If you can find that balance for work and play and be truly happy then you have succeeded in life. Life is too short to be worried about work, money etc. You need to find your ultimate happiness and all the other great things in life will follow.

Kimmi Hibel We Are Savages

We Are Savages

We Are Savages

We Are Savages

We Are Savages

We Are Savages

Kimmi Hibel We Are Savages


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