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My Olaplex Transformation

A few months ago I heard about a new name in hair revolution 'Olaplex'. I didn't exactly understand what this new product or process was but from what I gathered it sounded like a miracle in a bottle...turns out, that is exactly what it is!

I got in touch with the lovely Kelly from Headquarters in Deakin a few weeks ago to find out more about Olaplex after seeing some amazing before and after shots of her work. With a balayage addiction dating back longer than is financially or chemically responsible, my hair has taken a fair beating over the years. When Kelly briefly explained to me how Olaplex works over the phone I was even more intrigued - colour minus damage? Sold! I booked an appointment and I am 99% sure I could hear my hair say 'you mean we don't gotta live like this no more?!", yes I was literally counting down the days until my appointment.

Yesterday morning I walked into Headquarters in Deakin to discover a beautiful little salon with a relaxing vibe, filled with friendly faces. Stocking a great mix of EVO, Cloudnine and Wella products I was instantly impressed and The Big Ink magazine and coffee during my consultation were the perfect way to get started. Talking to Kelly about my hair history and goals it was clear I was in good hands, she explained the technology behind Olaplex and discussed what to expect from the appointment, She understood the colour I was aiming for, detailing the need for depth and dimension achieved through highlights and low-lights and was spot on about exactly what I was after. I then sat back and let Kelly and her 2nd year apprentice, Rhani, work their magic.

Headquarters Deakin

Headquarters Deakin

Headquarters Deakin

Owner & Styling Specialist Kelly and 2nd year apprentice Rhani

The low down

Olaplex is a 'unique original, patented chemistry that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds'. It is essentially a bonding ingredient which can be added to hair dye or used as a treatment to reduce the stress on the hair and repair damage. There are no oils, silicons or toxic factors in Olaplex, it doesn't interfere with any other products as it is just one, unique ingredient. Taking the industry by storm, it has completely changed the way hairdressers colour. as renowned hair stylists world wide such as Renya Xydis saying " Can't live without Olaplex, it's a salon must have" and Marie Uva "Olaplex has allowed me to achieve results I have never been able to achieve in my hairdressing career, I like to call Olaplex the 'magic wand' that I always wanted"!

The Olaplex system can be used as an intensive stand alone treatment or as a process includes steps 1-3 to keep hair in top condition and repair damage.

STEP 1 - Olaplex No.1 Bond Multiplier

This product is added to lightener or other chemical treatments before applying to hair.

STEP 2 - Olaplex No.2 Bond Perfector

Applied to hair after rinising but before shampooing to restore hair structure.

STEP 3 - Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector

A weekly at home treatment that continues the strengthening of hair bonds.



Olaplex before and after

Olaplex before and after


Olaplex balayage

Olaplex balayage

Olaplex balayage

When brushed out it is clear in the before photo my hair is damaged, brassy, snapped off and not blending well. Kelly worked some lowlights and highlights through, using the Olaplex step 1. She then used step 2, instructing me to use step 3 at home once a week.

Even before styling I could already tell the condition of my hair had dramatically improved. After a quick blowout and styling I could hardly recognize myself. My hair hasn't felt or looked like this for years, no matter what treatments I have tried or products I have used. I can feel the structure of my hair has been repaired, there is a smoothness to the texture and the way my hair is sitting even two days later, after two intense gym sessions the moisture doesn't seem to penetrate through the hair shaft. Highlights and repair....who would have thought those two words could ever go together? I am hooked!

Being a process, I am excited to see how the results go with the continuous use of the take home products and how the lights pick up after my next colour appointment. For anyone with damaged tresses, Olaplex is a must. Think of it as an investment for your tresses, with the improved hair structure ensuring better growth, repaired ends, more gloss and better colour after just one session, this is one to add to the essentials list. I cannot recommend Olaplex and Headquarters enough, these girls know their stuff!

Olaplex before and after

Olaplex before and after

Stay tuned for my update after my next colour appointment and do yourself a favor, book yourself an appointment asap!


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