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The Weekly Update

It's been another busy week at The Style Side with some exciting projects coming together, an expansion of the blog in the works and a few collaborations on the horizon.

I was lucky enough to be able to feature two Q&A's this week with a couple of women that I really admire and look to as style inspirations - India Rose, owner and founder of Idafaux and Emily Highfield, founder of Stylebk. Both of these fabulous, successful and lovely women have incredible vision and creativity, so was thrilled when they agreed to answer some questions for me. There is something particularly interesting about discovering who is behind a brand or business; gaining an insight into the life, vision and creativity of a success story. I plan on featuring many more Q&A's over the next few months, so if there is anyone you would love to learn more about in the fashion world feel free to get in touch - always love receiving messages from readers and more than happy to discuss anything and everything style related!

Emily Highfield -

India Rose

With the wrap of last months Style Workshop, I am currently working on my next event - a Fashion Careers, Blogging & Business Seminar. The main goal of this event is to provide the knowledge and skills to get started in the Fashion Industry. Topics will include a rundown of the various roles within fashion, personal branding, starting a small business, building a blog from scratch, reaching out for work experience and internship, building a portfolio and how to generate an income doing what you love.

If you dream of working in fashion, are keen to start blogging, want to learn tips and tricks for social media and creative strategy, have a business start up idea or want to net-work with local women and get your foot in the door, this event is not to be missed. Venue details, dates, guests and details to be released next week so stayed tuned!

After focusing predominantly on fashion with The Style Side, I have decided to expand on the content, adding lifestyle and beauty into the mix. As a trained Makeup Artist, I have been somewhat neglecting this side to my business over the last few months and have lot's of knowledge, tips and tricks to share. I am also going to regularly include travel, dining and general lifestyle content including reviews and articles about local and interstate destinations, must-visit locations, cafe's, bars and experiences.

I couldn't be more excited to watch the The Style Side evolve from a fashion blog to a style, beauty and lifestyle hub. As I mentioned earlier, if there is anything you want to read about, any businesses you want featured or after beauty, makeup and styling tips, shoot me a message!

Last thoughts as I recap this week, I found this quote and it completely sums up what I believe in and is representative of what The Style Side stands for. I am passionate about supporting others. The field may be crowded but there is still room for everyone because as more players jump in, we find new ways to make space. That is the beauty of creativity; finding edges, corners, unexplored pockets to make our own in a crazy, hectic world. I believe in embracing our friends, our peers, our neighbors and our "competition". Everyone is chasing their own version of happiness and it doesn't matter what that might look like, whether it matches our version of success or how differently the process unfolds - we should cheer each other on.

Everyone brings something different to the table. If you are bringing anything that adds joy, if you are putting yourself out there and being true to your passion, if your heart is good, then I think your an absolute bad ass legend. I absofuckinglutely support that x

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