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Q&A With India Rose - Founder of Idafaux

Local success stories are always incredibly inspiring - carving a niche in the market and developing a viable business in the fashion industry involves passion, hard work, creative vision and sacrifice. This is all the more challenging when based in Canberra, with the isolation and required commute - sourcing manufacturing, stock and business opportunities mean regular trips interstate and a bigger work load. Building relationships with suppliers, stockists, media and connecting with the customer is more readily available than ever as we move to doing business predominantly online however this takes business savvy, balls and a strategic marketing plan. In short - creating a viable fashion business, especially a unique fashion label, is a big deal.

India Rose from Idafaux is a local designer proving that Canberra need not be a road block in the climb up the fashion ladder. Idafaux is a niche brand offering stylish, high quality acrylic fur pieces. Stocked in Braddon boutique, Rebel Muse as well as Husk stores in Melbourne and Sydney, One White Lie and Luxe Duo boutiques, India has built a growing and successful brand entirely on her own. With her pieces popping up all over the street style scenes and a soon to be released apparel collection in the works, Idafaux is one label to watch!

I was lucky enough to meet India at the park one day when we started up a conversation about our son's comical (and potentially embarrassing if they weren't so bloody cute) choice of footwear - her little boy obsessed with gumboots and mine deeply committed to his Whiny The Poo Crocs. Since meeting India I have been inspired by her story, her label and her individual style. Recently I had a few questions about Idafaux and was really excited when India agreed to a quick Q&A. We discussed her label, her lifestyle (we both know that business and babies are one tough combo!) and her love for faux fur...

India Rose

India, tell me about your journey into fashion and design?

I have had a “passion for fashion” since I can remember. As a little girl I would trawl through kiddy fashion catalogues and select pieces I loved by folding the top corners. I used to change my outfit 10 times a day (which used to drive my mother mad.) I would flat lay outfit combinations and beg my father to rank them from 1-10 in order of favourite.

Where did your love for faux fur stem from?

I studied at the acclaimed White House Institute of Design in Surry Hills Sydney. One afternoon after I had finished class I strolled down to a vintage store close by and tried on my very first faux fur jacket. It was love at first sight! I had spent years feeling very lost and insecure but this jacket made me feel feminine and powerful! I knew then that one day when I had my own label that acrylic fur would be my material of choice. I wanted to develop a brand and product that empowered women the same way the vintage fur had empowered me.

What is a day in your life like, juggling a business and a (adorable, I might add) toddler?

Some days I juggle well and others I don’t. I often find myself feeling guilty that I'm not spending enough time chasing my toddler through the park or not enough time sitting in my office working. I think this “guilt” is a struggle for most working mums. I work from home so I tend to do the bulk of my office work while Ari has his afternoon nap. I have a very supportive family so on the days when I need to attend meetings or duck to Sydney or Melbourne I am fortunate that I can rely on them to help.

What has been the most rewarding moment?

Seeing my product worn on other women in the street! It is so humbling and exciting and I don’t think it will ever get old!

Where do you want to take Idafaux, what is your long term vision for the brand?

Eventually I would love to see Ida in every high end Australian boutique. I plan to introduce apparel into our AW17 collection which is very exciting! We have some Ahhhhmazing pieces in the pipeline!

Favourite piece in the current collection?

My favourite piece changes depending on what my day looks like. Due to this cold snap I have found myself wearing the Milla scarf for the extra warmth.

Go-to outfit?

I wear a lot of black, white, denim and khaki. I like simple clothes and statement accessories!

Best spot in Canberra?

Double shot and Urban pantry are my go to breaky spots. Going out for dinner or drinks doesn’t happen very often these days.

Success is... happiness and health!






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