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How To Style The Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is a style savior and time saver. Worn pared back it is chic and packs a punch, worn with a leather biker jacket it speaks effortless, something about the "onsie" is just so damn cool. Maybe it's the anti skin tight movement or the break away from dressing for the boys - whatever it is, I am sold. The jumpsuit is one for the females, no man I know has ever understood the concept, staring in bemusement at the lengthened bottom inevitable with a one-piece and wondering why on earth you would wear something a toddler would be right at home in. Therein lies the power of the jumpsuit - the separation from the confines of "sexiness". It is this don't-care-attitude that makes the jumpsuit so powerful, and yes, oxymoron insertion - sexy. Anti-sexy can be sexy, but that's a whole different story for another day.

Styling a jumpsuit is about adding a few simple accessories, creating shape where there can be a tendency for excess fabric, adding a bold element to break up the one piece/one tone effect and having fun. A jumpsuit sits on the risk taking side of the fashion fence, so being there already you may as well go all out and really own it.

Keep It Classic

A red lip is always classic and when worn with a fresh face and minimal details, it is just enough to make a jumpsuit pop. Keep accessories to a minimum, with the focus being the clean lines and block colour. The key - keep it simple and opt for a good, tailored cut. Pockets add a fun, relaxed element. An oversized clutch or tote is perfect to work with the statement look, a smaller bag would look unbalanced.

Jumpsuit Style

Jumpsuit Style

Balance Proportion

When pairing a jacket with a jumpsuit it is all about length. Anything too long takes all shape away and creates frump. Stick with cropped style's in contrasting textures such as leather.

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket Style

Bold Accessories

A felt hat is a great way to inject some fun and take the look even further. Again, keep it simple. One block colour piece in an oversized style keeps the streamline effect. Patterns or wild shapes will turn the look clown very quickly.

Hat Style


Oversized Clutch Bag

Jumpsuit Style


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