Who Wore It Better? Who Cares.

It's time the competition is taken out of fashion. There is no Style Olympics, no odds, no pay day for winners; contest has no place on the catwalk. Art isn't about who is better, it is about reflection, clarity, an idea punctuated by technical ability and creativity. Fashion is a gravitational pull, we follow our tribe naturally and instinctively, we hear our hearts call long before we make a judgment. The "So wrong, so right" concept simplifies what it is to express oneself. "Who Wore It Better" is a question that fit's nicely onto a magazine page but what other purpose does it serve?

Liking or disliking a concept or colour or creation is normal. The appeal of one style over another is what makes us individuals - we feel a certain way based on our values, tastes and history. It is the concept of taking this natural response and turning it into a marketing activity or a television show that is creatively stifling. The uniform approach to dressing has never been so prominent and the space to be daring has never been so restrictive. With all of the social media platforms now available for self promotion and personal branding, we can say what we want to say rather than being told. Presumably it should follow then that individuality would reign supreme, yet this has had the opposite effect. Social media has created an even stronger pack mentality. It is intrinsically part of our humanity to fit in and follow the crowd, but it is also a threat to the free flow of art and style if we capitalize on this for cheap entertainment. The game changers are struggling to break the mold now because there are a million followers ready to copy. Originality is fast becoming the last commodity because standing out has never been so hard. Being different in a sea of sameness, stepping away from the safe, having fun with fashion and not trying to be "the best dressed" is a risk to be applauded not ridiculed.

Fashion Police is just a catchy name for a bunch of bitches on a coach. Show us the photos, explain the designer, give us the close up shot but don't tell us why it's right or wrong, don't give it a score and certainly don't tell us who wore it better. Sometimes the bigger the mess, the more fun the process, the outfits that don't quite make sense are the ones that make history and ignite our imagination. We need to allow some room for a little craziness and not reprimand the risk takers. "Who Wore it Better" Who cares?

Here's to the risk takers, the originals, the history makers & the game changers.

Miroslava Duma

Anna Dello Russo

Elanora Carisi

Nasiba Adilova

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