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Which Handbags Are In This Summer?

Any stylist will tell you that you don't need to go adding loads of new items to your wardrobe to stay current and keep your outfits fresh, a few quick accessory updates is really all you need to stay ahead of the game!


Add fun, texture and a sense of playfulness with a metallic handbag. I love scouting through the affordable options at TK Maxx for handbags, you can find great pieces for great prices across the colour spectrum. These ones can be styled for evening, obviously, but work really well for daytime too - ensure you pair with laidback outfits such as tanks, tee's and denim to balance out the high glam for effortless appeal.

Bold Colours

Nothing like a pop of colour to nail a style update. the choice is yours but if you want to land right on trend, hot pink and all shades of red are THE colours of the season. To avoid overcrowding your whole look, opt for a smaller back if going bright.

The Oversize Carryall

Totes are going oversize again, which is great for those who carry half their life around, not so great for those that enjoy fashion without the sore back. In contrast the the previous style rule of a smaller bag when doing colour, the large carry-all tote looks best in fresh, modern tones and styles well with sporty or corporate outfits.

Find all of these styles, and loads more, at TK Maxx in Canberra Outlet!


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