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What Is Your Style Identity?

When it comes to style, there are dozens of different "types" and it can be confusing to know which one you fall into. Determining your style identity can be tricky because personal style can be changeable and constantly evolving over time, not to mention how difficult it is to see yourself from the outside in. For these reasons a stylist can be super helpful in helping you discover your style identity. Generally there are a few main style groups which stand out based on lifestyle, aesthetics, taste, trends and social circles. While there are many more than these listed, here are 8 main style groups. Which one resonates with you?


Most at home in denim and basic's, the minimalist prefers a no-fuss approach to fashion and tends to stick to a clean and crisp colour palette of white, black, grey and blue. The minimal dresser invests in quality over quantity, splurges on sneakers and leather but happily watches trends come and go without wasting any time experimenting with the fashion pendulum.


The boho dresser ops for femininity, natural textures, linen, lace and subtle hints of jewellery. For the bohemian, style is all about subtlety, softness and feeling close to nature. As at home on the beach as she is in the desert, the boho babe is at one with the earth wherever she goes. Her colour pallet is filled with whites, light wash denim, rose gold and neutrals.


Make no mistake, the active dresser is not getting about in daggy gym gear but rather, she opts for clean, modern and bold leisurewear wear which is just as welcome at a workout as it is zipping around the city. Sleek, modern and streamlined, the active wear lover knows the power of a compression tight with a cool sneaker, spending her dollars on quality fabrics and fashion forward brands while ensuring she is comfortable at all times. Monochrome is the name of the game, with black being key followed by white, navy, grey and dusty pink.


Luxurious, designer, rich and extravagant, the glam dresser mixes tailored pieces with bodycon to create a feminine yet sharp look, no matter how casual the occasion. Designer bags are her weakness and embellished details, dramatic coats and classic heels are a must. She tends to be drawn towards jewel tones and puts as much time and effort into her makeup as she does her wardrobe.


The tom-boy dresser prioritizes comfort over all else, opting for easy to wear, androgynous pieces that still pack a fashion punch. The Tom-boy is right at home in a cotton tee, relaxed denim and some classic small frame sunglasses. Black boots or a hightop sneaker are her shoe of choice along with clean skin leather bags, flat boots and solid belts. For the Tom-boy fashion should never be confining, she needs her clothes to allow her free spirited, adventurous and laid back nature to shine.


A little rough around the edges, the edgy dresses never likes to look too polished. Undone, effortless, bold and a little grunge, this style is all about rock-n'roll. Studs, rips, holes, animal print and shine, this eclectic mix is usually punctuated by black and leather. A live-music lover, wild at heart and self assured, the edgy girl makes no apologies for being exactly who she is.


Ethereal, dreamy, soft and feminine, the romantic dresses as though from another time. You will very likely see her in florals, chiffon, pleats, ruffles and silk. Her go-to is a tea dress, a flouncy midi skirt or a 50's style skirt. Subtle, demure and unapologetically girly, the romantic celebrates her shape without being showy or over the top. She enjoys texture, quality and vintage fashion.


Think of what all the cool kids are wearing...then amplify it by 100. Hypebeast/pop style is a mish mash of all things trending - think bike shorts, chunky sneakers, caps, oversized sweats, neon, bike shorts, scrunchies, tie dye. If it is a quick trend style then you can bet the hypebeast/pop dresser is all about it.


The classic dresser is all about timeless pieces which never go out of fashion. A white shirt is a must, punctuated by tailored pants and blazers. She likes to keep things chic and poised but takes a relaxed, straight forward approach to fashion. She will often keep her outfit pared back bar a red lip or an embellished brogue.

Not sure which one you are or curious to find out more? You can enjoy a detailed break down of your style identity by purchasing an E-styling package, click here to find out more!


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