Tried & Tested - Peel & Pigmentation Treatment

Missed the boat on the daily sunscreen ritual? Enjoyed your summer's growing up in the sun and the elements completely unaware of the UV damage happening below the surface? Prone to pigmentation? Tick, tick, tick. I know I am not alone here, most women I know were lax on things like skincare growing up, not for lack of trying but because technology simply had not caught up and we didn't know how damaging the sun could be. I am fairly vigilant about having my moles checked regularly being a freckly person and, sun damage aside, I take care of my skin religiously and have done since I can remember. Unfortunately all the care I've taken after the fact has not been enough to combat the UV damage and so, with a little help on hand, I decided to see what I could do to minimize my pigmentation and achieve a healthy natural glow (did I also mention I haven't slept in months thanks to my second child, yet another reason my skin was in need of some decent and powerful TLC!)

I went straight to the can do-it-all master that is The Queen of Skin, Sarah Larkin. This woman is highly skilled and knowledgeable about all things skin and beauty, talking me through my best treatment options - we decided on a Pigmentation Treatment and Peel.