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Missed the boat on the daily sunscreen ritual? Enjoyed your summer's growing up in the sun and the elements completely unaware of the UV damage happening below the surface? Prone to pigmentation? Tick, tick, tick. I know I am not alone here, most women I know were lax on things like skincare growing up, not for lack of trying but because technology simply had not caught up and we didn't know how damaging the sun could be. I am fairly vigilant about having my moles checked regularly being a freckly person and, sun damage aside, I take care of my skin religiously and have done since I can remember. Unfortunately all the care I've taken after the fact has not been enough to combat the UV damage and so, with a little help on hand, I decided to see what I could do to minimize my pigmentation and achieve a healthy natural glow (did I also mention I haven't slept in months thanks to my second child, yet another reason my skin was in need of some decent and powerful TLC!)

I went straight to the can do-it-all master that is The Queen of Skin, Sarah Larkin. This woman is highly skilled and knowledgeable about all things skin and beauty, talking me through my best treatment options - we decided on a Pigmentation Treatment and Peel.

Pigmentation Treatment

This treatment is a little painful. Certainly not unbearable and nothing compared to tattoo removal but you definitely do feel the laser doing it's thing. The pigment is targeted by the laser and the zap feels like a hot sting but it is so worth it and the sensation is gone as soon as the laser is finished. The pigment spots turn into scabs over the next few days before healing completely, with the process taking about 10 days in total. A day following the procedure my pigment began to scab but only mildly. The following day the scabs become quite, ummm, scabby. It was a little confronting but I was able to go about my regular makeup routine covering them if I choose to.. I felt quite freckly/scabby for a few days but in the end I embraced it, ditched all makeup and let the process continue without touching my face or worrying about it at all.


When I think of a peel I get images of Samantha from SATC fried to a horrid shade of red and peeling for days but that is not the case, at least not with this one! There is no down time for this peel, it takes 10 minutes and the results are immediate. The product is applied to the face, massaged around and then removed. It is as simple as that. No redness, no pain, no peeling. the skin may be slightly sensitive for a few days but the glow is instantaneous and continues to develop over the next few days.

I was given some heavy duty cream samples, which provides a super calming and highly effective buffer while the skin heals (apparently this cream is also used to treat burns, it is extremely rich, gentle and protective). The glow fromthe peel was obvious as soon as I looked in the mirror and I was told would come into maximum effect about 3-4 days following the treatment.


1 Day Later

4 Days Later


I could not be happier with the results from both of these treatments. My pigment spots are either dramatically faded or completely gone and that is just from one session. I think I will consider doing one more to target the extra dark spots but overall, my skin is looking more even than it has, well ever! I had no idea my skin could look like this. I have a few freckles across my nose which I've often complained about but in recent times have decided to embrace. They are part of me and I don't want to look like someone else but I absolutely want to look like my freshest, healthiest self and I feel I have achieved that with the pigmentation treatment.

The peel was incredible too, it has given my skin a smoother texture, the fine lines are far less visible and my overall complexion is more even. The natural glow is evident and I feel far more confident going without makeup which is the most amazing feeling. I also find that when I do apply makeup it goes on much smoother and lasts longer. Oh and last week I was ID checked buying a bottle of wine so for this 33 year old, that has sealed the deal, a peel and a laser treatment 100% worth it!

Results - Completely makeup free

If you're looking for some skin solutions I highly recommend getting in touch with The Queen of Skin, Sarah does it all, from injectables to peels, to lasers to mole removal. Healthy skin is worth every cent.

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