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How To Select The Perfect Blazer

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

A blazer adds instant polish to even the most ordinary outfit. Try these tips to help you choose the right one for you!


Kris Jenner works hard but as oversized blazer works harder (had to, sorry). An oversized blazer is the height of effortless chic and so easy to style!

Perfect for: if you like to add some edge to a classic outfit, aren't afraid of volume and standing out but don't like to try too hard.

Style Tips: creating balance is key so style with a super fitted tank or crop, highlighting the waist line under the blazer is key and style with a fitted pant, jean or pair of shorts. If styling with a dress ensure you stick to a mini style or go for a fitted midi so avoid being shaped with fabric. Roll the sleeves to relax the proportions and do not be afraid of big shoulders and volume, turn it right up!

Kimberley Hunt, Style Tips

Available at Forecast, Canberra Outlet

Kimberley Hunt, Style Tips, The Style Side

Available at Cue, Canberra Outlet

Kimberley Hunt, The Style Side, Style Tips

Available at Forcast, Canberra Outlet


Want to add a statement and look front-row-chic? A bold pop of colour in the form of a blazer will get you there faster than just about any other piece.

Perfect for: standing out, making a statement and lifting neutral pieces

Style Tips: the colour is entirely up to you but this look needs to appear "on purpose" so go hard or go home - a full suit is a great way to do this, minimal makeup is important as the blazer is the focus of the look and add one or two geometric pieces of jewellery for clean, bold elegance.

Kimberley Hunt, The Style Side, Style Tips

Available at Forcast, Canberra Outlet


Oversized not your thing? Go for a tailored, fitted version. A tailored blazer works best to balance and shape a more relaxed outfit, such as a floaty dress or soft blouse.

Perfect for: if you like to highlight your waist and accentuate the upper body and prefer to wear more relaxed styles on the bottom, like 50's style skirts, floaty dresses or corporate pants.

Style Tips: A fitted blazer works best with ease and flow on the lower half of the body so style yours with a relaxed work pant, an A-line skirt or a feminine dress.

Kimberley Hunt, The Style Side, Style Tips

Kimberley Hunt, The Style Side, Style Tips

Both available at Jacqui E, Canberra Outlet


In a wild fashion pendulum swing we have the cropped blazer coming in hot to compete with the longer, relaxed cuts of seasons past. Boxy shapes are the way to go, shoulder pads welcome and structured fabric essential.

Perfect for: if you like to be ahead of the fashion game, are exploring the very relaxed denim shapes coming through and want something cropped to counteract the wide leg styles that are trending.

Style Tips: as mentioned above, you need to go for as boxy a shape as possible or risk looking like you selected a poor fit rather than an on trend item. Style with relaxed pants, flares or wide leg denim and wear something very fitted underneath to show off the shape of the body.

Kimberley Hunt, The Style Side, Style Tips

Available at Forcast, Canberra Outlet

A good blazer will stay in your wardrobe and on high rotation for years, this is one piece I recommend my clients invest in no matter their style, budget or the season. Whatever blazer you are looking for, you can find a whole range of options at Canberra Outlet and save some serious money without compromising on style!


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