How To De-clutter & Pack Up A Room

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Packing up a room in your house can be quite a stressful experience. It can be a lot of working from start to finish, from deciding what items to keep, selling pre-loved goods, getting stuck into a deep clean and finally packing everything up, this is a job which requires time, effort and organisation!

Less stuff generally makes for a happier life and the lead up to the new year is the perfect time to renew and de-clutter your space. To make it as easy as possible, follow these tips for packing up your room.

1. Come Prepared

Ever find yourself half-way through cleaning your house, knee deep in clutter and regretting your decision? The best way to combat this is choosing a day where you have minimal errands planned and can designate 2-3 hours to the task. That way you won’t feel distracted or overwhelmed. Make sure to also have items such as bags for items you don’t want to keep, a tape measure for measuring out space for new storage options and label maker to label everything you’ve packed away.

2. Divide and Conquer

Do you feel like you have too many unnecessary belongings but are finding it difficult to throw stuff out? In each room of the house, sort your belongings out amongst three boxes – one box for the items you want to keep, one box for the items you don’t want, and one box for the items you are unsure of. Consider giving the items you definitely do not want to charity or selling them and earning some extra cash. The unsure items can then be put away as storage and taken out when needed.

3. Hire a Storage Space

Feel like you have items in your house that take up too much space and you don’t need throughout the whole year? Then it may be a great idea to put them in storage. These could include items such as surfboards, ski’s and big Winter jackets. It is also a great idea to put the unsure items from the step above in storage for a specific time period to allow yourself to realize if you miss these items or not. Companies such as Hire Storage are great to use. It is a secured facility that is monitored 24/7, centrally located and accessible 6 days a week, has the convenience to store from a few days to years, and is affordable. The removalists collect your belongings, safely store it, and will return it to you when you are ready. It makes moving and storing just that much easier and less stressful knowing you have professionals to help you out.

4. Get Proper Packing Materials

If you can afford the extra expenditure, get proper packing materials such as different size boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape to make the job that bit easier. Don’t forget that if you can’t afford these items it is easy to reuse items you may already have in your house such as lunchboxes, old shoe boxes, shopping bags. Once you have packed everything away, make sure to label everything so when you go looking for items you know where to find them.

This post was written in collaboration with box hire and packaging supply company – Hire Storage & Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn.

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