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How Becoming A Mum Changed My Style - The 2nd Time Around

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

I have officially entered the territory of new motherhood, albeit for the second time. Because this is not my first rodeo you would think I'd have this new phase of life down pat and for the most part I feel that I do, but as style is an ever changing and evolving journey, it feels new no matter what has come before it. I am currently 4 months into this new phase of life, welcoming Jamie on the 5th of the 5th (epic birth date, love your work kid) and while I often joke about being knee deep in nappies and chaos, the truth is this transition was incredibly seamless and challenge free...well at least for the first 12 weeks. Our new baby slept like a dream for the first few months but now, as great as he sleeps at night, he is awake all day, he spews on me every single feed, he cries if I am not holding him and I am lucky to get out the door without a few tears..both him and me! So what does this chaos mean for my style, well a few big changes...

My Boyfriends Clothes Are Now My Clothes

I started wearing my boyfriends tee's regularly about 6 months into pregnancy. The comfort, both in the excess fabric and the familiarity of wearing something belonging to the man I love, was everything I craved during this time. I expected to ditch this habit after bubs made his debut but I am addicted, and like a moth to a very fashionable flame, I reach first for his side of the wardrobe day after day. This also worked in covering my butt because as all new mama's know, you have no choice but to wear pads for quite sometime after giving birth which means serious VPL issues so I happily covered that situation with an oversized tee as long as I needed to. I have not gone so far as to wear my man's pants, he is after all about 10 feet taller than me, but watch this space...I cannot guarantee I don't love and want to try out his cuffed and faded jeans circa 2015.

Low Key Loving

I found this happened to me the first time around and so I should not be surprised - pregnancy = embracing my feminine side whereas new motherhood = embracing my tom boy side. I have never been so drawn to low-key clothing as I am postpartum. Sneakers, beanies, boyfriend tee's, black, white and grey. I am finding myself stepping away from all things girly again and jumping head first into carefree, androgynous territory. Possibly this is because I have my body back to myself and I want to feel active, free and at ease or maybe it is a push back against the societal expectations of how a mum should look, either way, is sure feels good to dress so chill.

Quality Over Quantity

Not only does having a new baby mean less room in the house due to all the baby gear laying around but it also means less time to fuss around and the pull towards a renewed sense of quality over quantity. I feel the need to be surrounded by good quality things, natural fabrics and understated luxury right now. I want clean, crisp, simple; a counteraction to the craziness of cleaning bottles, changing nappies and sleep deprivation. Minimal is key.

New Proportions

I am finding myself favouring a very different silhouette these days - a looser pair of pants or jeans with a fitted top. Usually I would opt for a relaxed item on top and a skinny jean but, perhaps due to an acceptance of my shape now, I don't feel the need to hide my stomach, instead I am embracing the mum-tum with bodysuits and slim fit tops. Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans and cargo styles are my new favourites. It's fun mixing it up entirely and trying different proportions, I suddenly have a whole new set of options which were hiding in my wardrobe all along.


Pushing out a baby instills the kind of confidence I can only describe as "I am a legendary goddess capable of anything" and why shouldn't it? There is no greater challenge than child birth so coming out the other side there is inevitable growth, self belief and perspective. Motherhood readjusts everything, eliminating many of the things which ultimately don't matter in life.

Did motherhood change your style? Are you feeling more sure of yourself or are have you lost your sense of self along the way? If you find yourself confused about your style postpartum, why not check out my E-Styling Packages, I would love to help you out!


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