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Updated: Mar 4

When a friend of a friend got in touch with me about 6 months ago to discuss her business project, namely a dress which was a perfect little body shaping/outerwear hybrid, I was instantly interested. Cue half a year later and it has been such a fun journey watching this idea come to fruition and grow into what is is today. If you follow my socials you will have likely seen me styling Embodycon a few different ways and discuss various things about it, but I thought it was time to go into detail and let you know why this dress is one of the best investment pieces you can add to your wardrobe.


The technology used in all Embodycon pieces means ultimate comfort. The lining is a breathable material used in active wear and the outer is a soft bamboo cotton making it ultra soft to the touch. The stretch allows for movement and a curve hugging effects which is really where the ethos of Embodycon comes from - "embrace your beautiful shape!". This comfort makes the Embodycon the perfect basic to build on for everyday dressing as it is giving, will move with you and support all your lumps and bumps throughout the day.


Whatever your size, whatever your shape, Embodycon is the dress which will promise to love you no matter what. This flows through from every corner, whether we are discussing the garments themselves, or the social media representation, the branding or the amazing community of women jumping on board with this label. Embodycon encourages us to embrace their shape, promises to support our curves and speaks to us like the loving friend we all deserve. Yes, thank you, more of this!


We all know the importance of versatility when it comes to spending our hard earned dollars, there is so much value in knowing that you will be able to mix and match a piece with the majority of the basics as well as statement pieces in your wardrobe. The Embodycon pieces are designed to work as a blank canvas on which you can build a heap of different looks.

My favourite look right now is a vintage tee with edgy boots, perfect options to layer with the Embodycon as the structure and form fitted style balance these tougher items perfectly.

Ladies, if you want something comfortable, high quality and easy to wear, look no further!

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