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Brights V Neutrals - How to Style THE Handbag of the Season

Whether you love to stand out, make a statement and have a load of fun with fashion or prefer to blend in with an understated, subtle aesthetic, you can achieve your statement look with just a simple, on trend handbag. So what team are you on, Brights or Neutrals...?


When it comes to colour, there are no rules – you do you sista. I pulled together this soft, feminine look to highlight what a difference a bright bag can make to a look with the Hadley Bag in Fushcia. This look is a little different from my usual vibe but I am loving the playful aesthetic. This is what I would wear if I lived in New York, worked in PR and had amazing bangs (yes I have dreams such as these on the reg). But it is, evidently, also what I would wear if I was little old me because I put this together and decided I was all about it and may just start jumping into the world of brights full tilt.

My top tips for styling with brights:

- Pick one bright item and keep the rest muted to let the colour pop

- Go for a bag, a shoe, a bright lip or a bright nail, but choose just one, two max

- Keep your hair pulled back and simple, fussy hair can compete with the bright colour rather than letting it be the focal point

- Decide on whether you want a cool tone (mint, sky blue, violet etc) or a warm tone (orange, yellow, red) and style accordingly. As a general rule, pair silver jewellery and white basics with cool tones and gold jewellery and beige basics with warm tones


Nothing says understated chic like a tonal beige outfit and the Hadley Bag in Beige is the perfect addition. This is the type of outfit I would happily wear all day, everyday - it is edgy, effortless and super comfortable. The volume of the pants styles perfectly with a crop and the pointed boots pull the proportions in to elongate the leg, something this 5'3 girl is always conscious of! If there is one thing you need right now it is a nude coat or blazer and a bag to go with, especially if you have lots of black in your wardrobe as beige softens a black look without overwhelming you in colour.

My top tips for styling neutrals:

- you don't need to match the shades exactly, it works just as well to layer varied beige tones for more dimension.

- A red lip contrasts perfectly with a neutral look to add a French chic tone

- a sprinkling of gold jewellery finishes off a nude look perfectly.

- buttery soft leathers accessories and textural elements make all the difference

- the darker your hair and skin tone, the more of a yellow or brown based beige you can wear whereas if you are quite fair in colouring, a creamy beige will be your best pick



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