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Updated: May 3, 2019

When it comes to baby products, there is definitely no shortage of choice! It is difficult to know where to start. There are things to consider like allergies, skin sensitivities, organic materials, chemical free options and of course the aesthetics. Sometimes it's easier to go off recommendations rather than searching endlessly through brands and options (although there is fun in that too, if there is one thing you can count on, it is that pregnant women LOVE love to shop! When the nesting instinct kicks in, it is a force to be reckoned with).

In case you don't have the time, patience or care factor to trawl through shops and scroll online, I've done the leg work for you and edited down my favourite local baby brands to help you on your merry-pregnant-nesting way...

Love Mae

The best thing about Love Mae is definitely the brand message and vision - " Love Mae is committed to bringing positive change to the world of children’s dinnerware for the health of tiny foodies & the planet they will inherit, a commitment delivered with beauty and functionality in décor and design.

Love Mae is based in Byron Bay and create lunch boxes and eco-dinner wear sets which are not only ethical and sustainable but are also beautifully designed, featuring gorgeous prints which will inspire your kids to enjoy meal time and also look adorable in the process! Each design is like a little work of art and the texture and quality of the products is unbeatable. You can be proud to shop with this brand because the team at the Love Mae studio live by a no-single-use-plastic rule and are part of a fantastic give back with KIVA - a charity that offers an array of global causes to engage with and guarantees every cent makes it back to the cause you choose to support.

My favourite products are the Lunchbox Safari Set and the Fox & Friends Dinnerware Set.

Baby Berry - Best & Less

If you are looking for affordable baby clothes which don't compromise on style, check out the launch of the new Baby Berry range at Best & Less. This range houses stylish and modern options for boys and girls around a price point of $10-$20 so you stock up without hurting your budget. The colour ways are fresh and unexpected, with cute denims and rich oranges, natural tones and understated designs which are a far cry for some of the chain store baby ranges.

I love the Baby Long Sleeve Waffle Shirt in the Brown tone, the Baby Sherpa Print Hoodie and the Baby Chambray Romper.

Baby Chambray Romper

Second Pocket

Lugging bubs around is hard work and anything to make this process easier is worth the time and money! Second Pocket stock stylish and quality handbags and baby bags to get your from A to B fuss free. as a company they "believe strongly that you do not need to break you bank to look good and be in fashion. That is why we pride ourselves in looking for manufacturers that are able to deliver in both price and quality. We eliminated the middle parties so you can have the savings"

I like to keep my own bag for my cards and phone simple with a streamlined cross body and then put everything else in a nappy or baby bag. Practicality is key and when it comes to price point, you can't beat this brand. My top picks are The Stonehenge Bag for $39.00 and the Mummy Care Bag which is $65.00.

Second Pocket Mummy Care Bag

Two Darlings

Organic baby brand, Two Darlings, is as aesthetically divine as it is eco friendly. Designed by a mum of two based in Brisbane, this clothing label was founded in 2016 and has grown rapidly from bibs and bonnets to now offering a wide range of items for both girls and boys. The colour palette is a neutral lovers dream and the attention to detail is next to none, with textured knits, adorably cut rompers,

My top pics are the Terracotta Knit Romper, the Mosaic Bamboo Swaddle and the Fawn Stripe Bodysuit.


This is an obvious and great choice because it is readily available, good quality, a reasonable price point and there is no better Onsie than the Zippy. Struggling with dressing a newborn is no joke, they wriggle, wee in your face, fuss and cry, so the faster the change the better! The Zippy is ultra stretchy and zips up with absolute ease, no messing about with buttons or clips. Bonds also tend to make bright, bold and fun designs so if you are not into the neutral trend then head straight to Bonds!

My top picks are the Ribbed Zip Wondersuit


Stocking a whole range of homewares, Mocka is not just a baby brand but their nursery range is absolutely adorable! The modern, minimalist pieces are super on trend and easy to style into whatever nursery theme you choose. The pieces are quality and stand the test of time which is great if you plan on more bubs in the future.

My top picks are the Mia Canopy and the Ivy Dream Catcher and the Mocka Swirl Rug.

Whether you choose to go for a chain brand, a small business, organic or eco, the main thing to remember when shopping for your newborn is that they will only use and wear things for a very short time. Select carefully and ensure what you do choose is timeless because you may be using it again if you have more babies down the track and its also highly likely you will keep these pieces for many decades. Who knows, maybe one day you will be handing some items onto your children for their babies! Make sure you love everything you allow into your life at this special time, avoid waste and stay true to your personal aesthetic because, provided they are comfortable, baby doesn't care what they wear or what their toys or nursery look like, this magical time is all about YOU!

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