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4 Tips To Elevate Your Outfit

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The difference between a good outfit and an average outfit is all in the details - the tuck of a tee, the length of a pant, the rolling of sleeves, the fabric texture, the contrast of elements, the balance. All of these little things come together to make a look stand out. Knowing how to nail these details will transform your style!

The Tuck

If you choose to leave your shirt out and un-tucked it will create bulk and distort the natural shape of your body. There are times this will be appropriate but 90% of the time, tucking is the way to go. Tucking in your tee gives your outfit an instant styled edge and balances out the shape of your outfit. There are a whole range of different tucking techniques and you can mix and match them to keep your look fresh and interchangeable. Try these three - knotted for an effortless vibe, twisted to look put together and highlight your waist or the classic for a soft tummy skimming effect.

Pant Length

A slightly cropped pant does 3 things for you

  • Shows off the ankle which elongates the leg

  • Highlights the shoes, which is always a good thing (not that I am wearing any here hah)

  • Balances the shape, particularity if your pants are of the high waist variety which are right in trend at the moment

You can take up your pants yourself with some basic sewing knowledge, use a tailor or roll the hems or take advantage of all of the cropped styles on offer in store right now

Rolled Sleeves

The best way to look effortlessly stylish is to roll those sleeves, whether that be on a blazer, denim jacket or even a hoodie. The most fail proof way to keep your sleeves rolled up is to use hair elastics to hold them in place (you can also use your standard black ones as I have here but if you want to be even more discreet try clear bands). You simply place the hair band over the sleeve half way up the forearm and then pull the excess fabric under and then over the elastic.Your sleeves will stay in place all day and you can set the sleeve at the exact length you want.

Fabric Choice

Selecting the right fabric makes a huge difference to your overall look. This is especially important when it comes to tops - always opt for interesting, textural fabric over a stretch jersey- think linen, lace, cotton, silk and chiffon. A stretch jersey blend looks cheap and flat in comparison with a textural alternative. This rule also applies to other items of clothing - sturdy denim, quality leather, tactile knits, lace etc. Fabric is more important than any other element of clothing, surpassing cut and colour, with the wrong texture you will never look well styled.

These are some basic styling tips which make all the difference! Of course there are loads more ways that you can elevate your style, with colour, proportion, tone and taste. If you would like to know more, get in touch & book yourself an E-Styling Package to make your wardrobe start working for you!


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