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3 Ways To Elevate Your Style

You have the outfit sorted but it just, kinda, somehow doesn't quite work. "Why?" you ask yourself, "where am I going wrong?" Well, these 3 things could be holding your style back and they could not be more simple to fix!

Rule of Thirds

This rule is not unique to fashion and you may have heard of it before but if not, be prepared for the most simple and effective way to elevate your look! Essentially the rule of thirds is about balance, and it is done with a simple tuck or proportion change. By breaking up an outfit into 3 sections you elongate and balance the body and create visual harmony. The easiest outfit formula for this is tucking in your top - if you leave a tee un-tucked you create 2 sections, the top and bottom, but by tucking the tee you create the smaller top section and then the 2/3rd's on the bottom as shown below.

Warm V Cool

Each of us suit either warm or cool tones better depending on our colour season (more about this can be found here) but regardless of this, and more important than this, is separating the two from one another. When you create an outfit you should stick to one or the other, from each clothing item down to the shoes and even the jewellery, choose warm or cool and stick with it! Of course determining whether you are cool or warm toned is super important because once you know this you will likely create a wardrobe that is one or the other, but there are many people who can wear both and change it up each day.


One of the best ways to inject a dose of style to an otherwise simple outfit is to go hard with texture. You can do this in a number of different ways, whether through accessories or a statement piece, or a mix of elements, the more the better. Usually when someone looks amazing it is because they have hit the right notes with texture and have created dimension, interest and contrast with layered textural elements. an average every day outfit is often devoid of texture, this is one of the best ways to inject style into any outfit. Consider swapping flat, boring textures for interesting ones, for example replace stretch cotton blend with a linen or a rayon with a silk. There are loads of options when it comes to texture, here are just some of them.

There are many other ways you can elevate your style, these are just the tip of the iceberg! Keen to learn more? Register your interest in the next Style School intake and you will be on your way to becoming a style master with a wardrobe you absolutely love!


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