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3 Quick Swaps To Update Your Style This Season

Being swamped by new trends every season can be overwhelming, often all you need to do to keep your style fresh and up to date is make a few simple swaps...

Swap Black for Brown

Brown is the new black, use it as your wardrobe staple, layer your tones and get some warmth happening in your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter. As a general rule, the warmer and deep toned you are, the darker shades of brown will suit you best - think chocolate and caramel, and the softer, cooler or lighter toned you are, you're best suited to beige, tan and taupe.

All available at Ralph Lauren, Canberra Outlet

Swap Linen For Knitwear

You would have been hard pressed to avoid linen over the last few seasons, it was everywhere, from suiting to dresses to shirts to shorts, even with it's crumple and upkeep, it was the fashion fan fave hanging in almost every store. The Autumn/Winter hot ticket fabric is knitwear: soft, plush, textural (even mohair is included), so if you want to bring your wardrobe into the now, stock up on knitwear separates, bonuses for shades of neutrals or pops of pink, purple and cobalt.

All available at Seed, Canberra Outlet

Swap Streamline for Oversize

Sunglasses are having a serious 70's moment. Those small, sleek frames you just got used to can take a little back seat (and our eyes will not be complaining, they were highly ineffective at shading the sun out, even if they were chic!) for large, round, tinted, bold, over-the-top eyewear.

All available at Sunglass Hut, Canberra Outlet

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