My Pregnancy Journal - The 1st Trimester

Pregnancy comes with a whole range of unexpected and unusual feelings. Overnight everything changes and this huge adjustment comes with a crazy mix of emotions - excitement, joy, fear, discomfort, uncertainty and loneliness. Navigating this confusing roller coaster can be the toughest part of carrying a baby because we don't often talk about this stuff, at least not with anyone but our nearest and dearest which is why it can feel so isolating.

For the record, I LOVE being pregnant. When I was pregnant with my son, as chaotic as my life was at that point in time, I was the most calm and peaceful I'd ever been. Having a baby growing inside of me provides a sense of purpose unlike any other, it centers me and guides me towards only the things that truly matter which is a special kind of bliss. But. There is a huge, massive, rude and cruel beast which precedes the bliss of pregnancy and it goes by the name of "the first trimester". What a tough time those first 3 months really are. I could not be more relieved to be almost at week 15 and past the hell that is morning sickness and exhaustion! Here is my diary, reflecting back on those painful 12 weeks (don't worry mums-to-be, it does get better!)