5 Quirky Cooking Techniques To Try This Week

Despite the kitchen being my absolute favorite space in my new house, I’ve been avoiding cooking at all costs over the past two months due to severe morning sickness. Feeling painfully nauseous has kept me miles away from the kitchen and anything at all related to food has been a big no-no but now I’m feeling better I can’t wait to get back into cooking again (and I am sure my family can’t wait too….no more last minute takeaway orders and random, scrappy leftovers!). The truth is, morning sickness or not, it’s all too easy to fall into a cooking slump, where it’s just more convenient to eat the same meals day after day. But challenging ourselves to move outside our comfort zones and try new things is actually incredibly rewarding, enjoyable and – if you approach it from a slow, mindful perspective – can even be relaxing.

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