Making Use of Old Items In A Bedroom Makeover

A couple of months ago (wow the time has flown by!) I moved house and as stressful as moving is, it is also so much fun redesigning a new space. My favourite room to style is always a bedroom - I love creating a peaceful, personalised and stylish space centered around crisp white sheets, a neutral colour palette and of course a little greenery! Take a look at my tips on redesigning a bedroom, new or old, without throwing out everything you once owned. Here are six things you could do to make good use of your old stuff.


Smaller items can be stored if you aren’t ready to part with them yet. Maybe you’ll think of something to do with at a later date. Hiring boxes from a company such as Hire a Box is an environmentally conscious way to use boxes without the need to toss them after you’ve finished with them.


Sometimes redesigning your bedroom isn’t about buying new furniture. If your bed frame is in perfect condition, it may just need a new set of sheets and quilts to revamp the look. Even just putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls will liven up the look. Think about the layout, maybe you just need to rearrange the furniture. This is the most cost effective way to redesign your room.


If the old dresser or the old wardrobe isn’t matching the style of your room, there is always the option to refurbish the furniture. Painting it a new colour, distressing it, white washing it or even repairing it if one of the legs is falling off could be the answer you were looking for. Sometimes fixing up the item gives it a completely different look.


Instead of throwing out the item right away if it has no use being in the bedroom, think about the possibility it may suit another room in the house. The bedside table may be a good corner table in the lounge room, or the shelving unit may be a useful storage device for the garage. This could potentially save you money if you’re looking at redesigning other rooms in the house.


Sometimes you can make use of an item simply by dismantling them. Taking the legs off a table and cutting it smaller makes pretty good firewood if you’re a fan of fireplaces and backyard bonfires. Craft projects are easier to visualise with dismantled furniture, and can often look more achievable. It also makes it easier to transport if you’re sending the items to landfill.


Some books can be perfect for decorating. Have a look through your book stack and see if you can spot a theme - black and white is a great one, similar sizes or bold lettering, pick a handful of books which suit a running theme and use these on bedside tables.

Fashion accessories can also make great feature pieces, whether that be a pair of shoes, sunglasses or cute bag - get creative and rotate your favourite things regularly. Finish off with some greenery - keeping potted plans or flowers can be a great way to ensure you have fresh greenery in your home without spending a fortune, mixing up vases and pots can make a world of difference to the aesthetic of a room.

This article was written in collaboration with box hire and packaging supply company – Hire A Box & Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn.

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