Honoring The Hours - Why Slowing Down Actually Gets You Ahead

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

How often do we "honor the hours"? How regularly do we strip back the to-do list and look at time as still, as constant, as fixed? The perception of life as a race is a dangerous one, the hurry to achieve, tick off and smash goals is so ingrained in us we live perpetually in some imagined version of the future. For the last three months I have moved into an entirely new paradigm, bouncing gently from place to place, from task to task. I slowed down my social media presence. I did not write a blog post. I was very anti social. I missed dozens of events. I was a little selfish with my time. I slept during the day, I played with my son, decorated my new house, re-did my closet and allowed myself to get lost in the things that make me feel whole. Doing this felt so foreign I found myself checking in every few days and asking myself "am I insane, did the world stop spinning, have I ruined my career or let my goals slip out of my finger tips" Guess what? None of those questions could be answered with yes, in fact all of those questions could be answered with a big fat NO!

Having time out, not just a few hours (although it all helps) but considered, consistent and complete blocks of time out of the fast lane is the best thing you can do for your career, your relationships, your sense of purpose and your goals. Taking a rest might seem