Raving About Revel

Meet Revel Knitwear - an ethical Sydney based label which produces locally designed and hand knitted garments made from 100% Australian wool. My ethical fashion journey is leading me towards new brands as well as connecting me with labels I've known about for some time but never fully explored. Revel Knitwear is one of the latter - I've been watching Revel grow and develop over Instagram for a few years, accidentally stumbling over this beautiful brand through a connection I made years ago when I lived in Newcastle.

I've always loved the aesthetic of Revel and collaborating with the designer, Shannyn, on this shoot was lots of fun and so enlightening. I learned about why Revel was created, how Shannyn juggles everything to produce such beautiful, labor intensive knits and why her passion for sustainability in fashion has driven her work. Take a look on her website or Instagram to find out more about her story and why her hand knitted pieces are so special.