Taloma - The Basics Label You Need To Know

Taloma Label are a Melbourne based clothing label committed to sustainability and ethical practices as well as quality - their pieces stand the test of time, not just aesthetically, but the fabrics holds their shape wash after wash. I am beginning to clear out of my life anything which is not ethically produced and while this might sound like an out-of-touch luxury, I truly believe if we shift our habits in any way we can, the industry will be forced to shift too. Our choices as consumers drive industry change and our world needs this change more than ever.

My greatest passion, along with fashion, is nature. I want to stand up and make a change NOW, I want to start supporting labels and brands I believe in and shifting my practices in every part of my life. I am making the change to bamboo toothbrushes, a keep-a-cup for my coffee, beeswax wrap instead of plastic and a list of many other environmental changes which I will be detailing in a post soon. Recently I've been showcasing a range of vegan, Australian made, ethical brands on my Instagram, from skin care and hair care to home-wares and apparel brands. Enter, Taloma Label - my new basics go-to brand.

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