Best Friends Day With HelloFresh

Today, Friday the 8th of June, is Best Friends Day and HelloFresh wants to help celebrate! My best friend is my 5 year old son, I mean have you ever hung out with a 5 year old?! Besides the mess they make, the crazy amounts of yelling and the fact they literally follow you around like a shadow, they are an absolute delight. Truly though, my son is my bestie, he makes me laugh more than anyone, he is loyal, loving and the most positive little soul in my world.

One thing my son and I love doing together is cooking but I have to be honest, I am no master chef! Cooking has never been my strongest skill, I always forget something, muck up a recipe half way through and get serious anxiety following complicated instructions. I am just too half-assed to make anything "wow" in the kitchen. All these years there was one thing I have been missing - HelloFresh.

How Does It Work?

The idea behind HelloFresh is to make cooking as simple and easy as possible. You just go online, select your meal plan, with a big range of options for vegetarians, meat lovers, small families, singles or entire tribes! You then receive a box delivered to your door which includes a simple instruction page, a bag of ingredients and the nutrition info all in one. It couldn't be easier to have everything you need for a healthy, delicious meal right at your finger tips.

What Meals Are Available?

The menu's change regularly so you don't get sick of the same thing and you can select different plans based on the size of your family. There are all sorts of options available and they are creative, interesting meals rather than a stock standard meat, carb and veg.

Me and my bestie decided to cook the Vietnamese Zest Ginger Pork Tacos'. It was simple, delicious, fun and something I wouldn't normally cook. Confession time, I am usually a taco box kinda girl and from the looks on the faces in my household, that isn't quite cutting it week after week. This HelloFresh meal went down very well with my little family of 3 and I can't wait to try the other recipes in my delivery over the next few nights.

Who Is It For?

Everyone! The best part about HelloFresh is the flexibility - you can manage your account online and only order what you need. The food isn't pre-frozen or pre-prepared so it tastes fresh and authentic rather than the slightly diluted taste of pre made frozen meals. This is perfect for anyone strapped for time or those who like to avoid unnecessary trips to the supermarket. It is ideal for busy families and also a great tool for kids who want to learn to cook because it could not be more simple.

Best Friends Day is the perfect chance to do something you love with your nearest and dearest and if cooking is something you enjoy, why not get your chef on with HelloFresh!

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