Injectables - Tried & Tested

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I firmly believe in two things - self acceptance and also owning your shit. The taboo surrounding injectables has softened a little but is still steeped in judgment; rather than the notion of"each to their own" or "live and let live" it seems to be more "I can't believe she...(insert a range of different ways one can treat their face) as though that somehow devalues a person. I look at injectables as skincare, albeit at the more intense end of the spectrum, but skincare none the less - a means to hang onto the genetics we were born with for longer than gravity might naturally allow. I think it's time we just stop giving a $#@!. I will be the first one to admit to all sorts of strange, amazing, innovative and down right wacky beauty treatments and trends. JUST. OWN. IT!

While I'm no stranger to a bit of experimentation with my face, I subscribe to the view of embracing who we are. I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty, I spend a good half of the week completely makeup free, with my hair in a frizzy bun and my legs unshaven (sorry bout that one babe). I don’t feel like I need to cover or hide anything. Having said that I am also a big fan of "why the f not" when it comes to trying different things, no matter how radical they may seem or how much judgement they may draw. I come from an upbringing based on celebrating what is underneath, the focus growing up in my family was on intellect and substance rather than anything surface. I feel incredibly blessed to have this instilled in me from my parents and to hold those values close. I do not, however, believe the two are mutually exclusive and I find great joy in the presentation of things. The fact is, when it comes to beauty, our bodies and faces belong to us and we are free to do whatever we choose.