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Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I firmly believe in two things - self acceptance and also owning your shit. The taboo surrounding injectables has softened a little but is still steeped in judgment; rather than the notion of"each to their own" or "live and let live" it seems to be more "I can't believe she...(insert a range of different ways one can treat their face) as though that somehow devalues a person. I look at injectables as skincare, albeit at the more intense end of the spectrum, but skincare none the less - a means to hang onto the genetics we were born with for longer than gravity might naturally allow. I think it's time we just stop giving a $#@!. I will be the first one to admit to all sorts of strange, amazing, innovative and down right wacky beauty treatments and trends. JUST. OWN. IT!

While I'm no stranger to a bit of experimentation with my face, I subscribe to the view of embracing who we are. I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty, I spend a good half of the week completely makeup free, with my hair in a frizzy bun and my legs unshaven (sorry bout that one babe). I don’t feel like I need to cover or hide anything. Having said that I am also a big fan of "why the f not" when it comes to trying different things, no matter how radical they may seem or how much judgement they may draw. I come from an upbringing based on celebrating what is underneath, the focus growing up in my family was on intellect and substance rather than anything surface. I feel incredibly blessed to have this instilled in me from my parents and to hold those values close. I do not, however, believe the two are mutually exclusive and I find great joy in the presentation of things. The fact is, when it comes to beauty, our bodies and faces belong to us and we are free to do whatever we choose.

I turned 32 a couple of months ago and my gosh do I know it. I don't feel old, sure I feel wiser than my 20 year old self, but inside I remain the same bouncy, youthful soul. My external self, however, is shifting. I see greys, I see the signs of tiredness, I see pigmentation, I see my face shape softening, the angles changing and gravity having a go at me little by little.

When the lovely Sarah Lock from Laser Clinics Canberra Centre & Woden Australia, got in touch with me recently after I went in for some laser treatments, I decided to get some more info on the newest and latest in fillers…


1. Our faces lose volume as we age

This seems obvious but until you look in a mirror and this is explained, it doesn't all make sense. After speaking with Sarah and working out exactly why my face has started to look different, I could suddenly see it - there was a hollowing under my eyes, my cheeks were less angled than they once were and my lips had lost volume. Basically, I could see tiredness all over my face.

2. It doesn't hurt that much

The pain is brief and completely manageable. It feels like nothing but a quick sting and while it is repeated a few times, it really isn't that bad at all.

3. It costs a bit but it lasts a long time

The effects of fillers are quite costly but the preventative aging nature of the treatments mean less is needed over time.

My treatments....

I decided to try Botox in my forehead, lip fillers & cheek fillers. My top lip naturally tends to fade into my face, with no defining lip line. Sarah created some volume on my top lip so it would flick out a little more solving this problem and also filled my bottom lip slightly to ensure they were balanced. My cheeks were filled over the cheek bone to create lift and after seeing the before photo next to the after I can see exactly what was happening to my face with age - the loss of volume was creating a hollowing under my eye and I looked tired all the time.

My forehead wasn't ultra wrinkled but I could see my makeup was beginning to rest in the lines after a couple of hours and the finish was being ruined shortly after application.

I felt some pain, it certainly isn't comfortable but it isn't that bad. It feels like quick stings and the pain doesn't last longer than a second on each injection point. It is nothing to worry about at all, mind over matter!

It took a good week or so to completely settle and now my face has relaxed into it's natural looking form but it looks more youthful, more like the person I feel I am inside, more like my old self. I couldn't be happier.


I stocked up on a bunch of recommended products to take care of my skin following the fillers. These are all very active products, with an “active rating” on each so you can choose what works for you. My standout favourite is the Moisture Defence for Normal Skin, it smells as fresh as a cucumber and my skin feels soothed the minute I apply it. The Multi Active Mist is really handy and definitely something I will be taking with me when I travel to ensure my skin stays hydrated throughout the day. The Lactic Cleanser is really good and exfoliates and refines without stripping the skin of it’s natural oils. My entire skin care regime is now all Skinstitut and it’s working a treat.

The Verdict

Fillers are not scary! I promise! You won't walk out looking a cast member of MAFS either. If you want to naturally enhance your features, push back against gravity and feel like yourself 5 to 10 years ago, that is exactly what you will get. Sarah is amazing, I've recommended her to anyone who asks - she just gets it. When I ask for natural she knows what to do and I can sit back and relax knowing I won't walk out looking like an entirely different person. She is professional, calming and just all round lovely in every way. I am quite the regular at Laser Clinics Australia Canberra Centre and Woden, I've tried loads of their treatments (read my review of the LED Light treatment here) and there are still plenty more things I can't wait to try.

My results are everything I hoped and more. I feel like myself 10 years ago, my makeup looks better, I need less contour, everything feels balanced and I haven't felt this good about my face in years. The best part, I don't think I look much different and that was the main thing I asked for. I am more than happy to openly admit I use injectables but I never wanted it to be the first thing someone would note - I like looking like me, a not tired me, a not #mumlife me, just the me I feel like inside rather than the one I started to see in the mirror over the past couple of years. If you want fillers, look no further, Laser Clinics Australia Canberra Centre and Woden are THE place to go.

Q&A with Registered Nurse Sarah Lock

What are you most passionate about when it comes to your role as Laser Clinics Australia, Canberra Centre & Woden?

I am most passionate about listening to and working with the client to obtain a result that is both aesthetically pleasing and in line with the client’s expectations and budget. I am all about creating a result that is natural and age appropriate. I aim to enhance and restore the features that the client already has, some of which may be affected by the aging process. The products I use make this very achievable. I am also very passionate about providing a comfortable, relaxed and confident experience for my clients.

What do you strive for when treating clients?

I aim to give my clients an overall experience. I want them to feel comfortable, engaged and confident in the service they are receiving. Thorough consultation and discussion is a must to establish treatment guidelines and long term goals. I always want my client to receive a result that is both the best treatment for them and in line with their goals.

Top tips for skin care/remaining fresh faced and youthful?

HYDRATION!! The skin is the largest organ in the body and it loves to be hydrated.

Quality Cosmedical grade skin care products. I use skinstitut and I honestly haven't looked back. Even though I have been blessed with great skin all my life, good quality cleansers and exfoliators make the world of difference.

Injectable Skincare: I first started getting anti-wrinkle treatments when I was 25, it was very sporadic then, but now I use it religiously, every 3 months. Not only does it keep me looking naturally youthful, but it treats my migraines as well. I would be lost without it.

What do you believe the future of skin care will look like?

Its difficult to predict. There has been such a massive growth in the industry in the past decade and it doesn't look to be slowing anytime time soon, and why would it when you can achieve age-appropriate, safe, natural results which are affordable, quick and easy.

Hopefully the stigma surrounding the industry continues to lessen. Khloe Kardashian has been quoted saying “I wish injectables were treated more like makeup, I’m allowed to contour my face and nobody really says that’s crazy.” I love that! It’s so true! It’s all about doing something to make yourself feel better, to give yourself confidence. There is nothing wrong with that, it should be owned, not veiled in secrecy.

To get in touch with Laser Clinics Canberra City or Woden click here.

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