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Autumn Vibes

I was in denial for about two weeks but it's ok, I am ready now. It is definitely, suddenly, absolutely Autumn. I thought I would be sad but I am not grieving the warmer months just yet, I am LOVING this cooler weather. I know soon I will be sick of freezing my ass off but right now the change is a welcome one.

This time of year has bitter sweet connotations for me which I am going to share soon in a more personal post talking about some heavy life stuff and just why the next few months bring up all sorts of emotions for me but for today I am talking strictly fashion. Of course, for me fashion and life are inextricably linked but I won't delve into the deep stuff today because I am exhausted, it's Friday and I need a little light right now.

So, Autumn...time to shift the wardrobe and bring out the things which have been safely stored away. By safely I mean crammed into the spare space of my sons wardrobe and most likely misshaped from his endless amounts of toys stuffed in every spare space I have in the craziness that is his room! It's taken a while but I've finally shifted loads of winter items out and put away my most of the summer stuff.

I have decided to hang onto the statement sleeve trend because I love it, it works for me and I ain't no quitter. To update this look I have worked in some suede in two different autumn tones - camel and chocolate brown. I don't often wear brown but the 70's vibes have taken hold of me over the past few seasons and I am going full steam ahead.

I love this Pilgrim top because it is slightly cropped and the waist tie which means it works with all of my higher waisted items, sitting at just the right point. The sleeves add drama and I love a little drama, at least in my wardrobe and on reality TV, not so much in my real life. My real life drama is contained to realising I forget my sons school bag and driving all the way back home in guilt knowing he will be the late kid because I am still learning this stuff. Wardrobe drama yes, life drama not so much, I gave that up years ago.

I added one of my favourite cross body bags which features a little gold detail and plays off the warm tones and also a pair of round frames which I've been living in lately. This is the perfect trans-seasonal look, the suede warms it up, the sleeves balance the mini skirt and the boots are comfy AF.


Top - Pilgrim Clothing

Skirt - Vintage

Sunglasses - ASOS

Boots - Lavish (The Iconic)

Bag - MNG

Ring - Spell

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