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The Perfect Pair of Pants featuring Pilgrim

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

When the perfect pair of pants waltz (pants 100% waltz, just go with it) into your life it can completely transform your wardrobe. I say this because I probably own about 4 pairs of pants in total - I tend to avoid them because finding the right fit is so difficult for me. I usually stick with shorts or jeans because I know they work for me. Because I am quite short and carry my weight through my middle , I tend to find waist bands too tight, the seat and rise totally off and just generally something is always wrong. My problems have been solved by the "Eversong Pant" by Pilgrim Clothing. I suddenly have so many different styling options thanks to these bad boys, I am excited just thinking about all of the things sitting in my closet that I can now wear.

What I love best about this pair of pants is they tick a lot of boxes. Are they a skirt? Are they pants? Are they flowy? Are they high-waisted? Yes , yes, yes and yes. They are literally the pants that do it all! Not sold yet? Take a look below and tell me you don't want a pair.

I styled these pants with a textured singlet in tan and added this wicker bag to continue playing the textural elements against the soft flow of the pants. The earrings pull it all together - there's something perfect about black and gold together, the darkness contrasts beautifully with the warm tones.


Pants - Pilgrim Clothing

Top - Vintage

Bag - Etsy

Shoes - Kmart

Earrings - Steve Madden

To shop these glorious pants click here or to look at other gorgeous style available at Pilgrim Clothing click here.

Happy shopping lovers x


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