How Fashion Saved Me, As "Silly" As that May Sound

Reading the title of this, I realise it sounds a tad dramatic but it is true none the less. My childhood was intertwined with fashion, dress up’s, drawing, designing and sewing. Playing with fabric was, for me, playing with the future and my dreams. Clothing is in my blood. My Nana was always at her sewing machine and had a cupboard filled with fabrics which I would trawl through like a kid in a candy store. I would watch her sew and be amazed at how a piece of fabric could be turned into an item to be worn on the body, it seemed like magic to me.

As a young teen, I had a figure of a female figure pinned up inside my wardrobe and I had drawn out my entire wardrobe to which I applied blue tack and would quite literally dress myself on the page to decide what outfit I would wear to school that day. It was my attempt at Cher's closet from Clueless, minus the millionaire dad and computer system. I was completely immersed in fashion since I can remember. I never lost this, but believing I could make a career from this slowly slipped through my fingers as life got in the way. My fashion dreams took a backseat, or maybe a side seat, it was still there but I lost the power of believing in my dreams.