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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

I am not blessed with "beach babe genetics", I have spoken before about my natural state in the salt and sun - my skin freckles, my hair frizzes and the humidity does nothing for my general vibe. I've worked out a few tried and tested methods for fighting off the above issues and some products I can't live without when I head away for a coast break.

If it isn't obvious, I spend a fair amount of time at the beach. I love it, I live for it, it's vital to my happiness. Why live in Canberra I hear you ask...well that is a long story but I have found myself back here after many years on the move and for now, I am making it work.

Many years spent ocean side means I have often learned the hard way what works and what doesn't. At the end of the day, I aspire to "natural is best" and have been embracing myself as I am more so than ever as I have entered my 30's. So in the name of loving ourselves for who we are and taking the path of least resistance, here are my top tips for feeling beautiful in the skin you are in while kicking back at the beach...

Olaplex No.3

I spoke about this in my recent post "The Christmas Break - What I Took Away With Me and What I Brought Back". Olaplex has completely transformed my hair and the way I take care of it over the Summer months. I used to fight my natural hair while away on holidays and try to tame it, straighten it, curl it, wash it too much, wash it not at all, you name it I tried it. It took me a long time to embrace my natural hair, which is a frizz bomb in the humidity and salt water. Now I lather Olaplex in my hair prior to swimming and straight after, put it up in a bun and leave it alone completely. My hair gets stronger and healthier this way, as the hair is protected from the salt and chlorine and sunshine. I wash it out every few days and let it dry naturally, with the Olaplex counteracting the frizz dramatically. This product is my absolute essential for beach days and is worth every dollar.

Invisible Zinc SPF 30 Tinted Daywear

This product has had rave reviews all round and I back them 100%! I collect freckles after just ten minutes in the sun and after the past few years I have firmly committed to protecting my skin for UV damage in every possible way I can. This zinc acts as a barrier to the sun and protects me more than a basic sunscreen and is lightly tinted offering some warmth to my complexion rather than the ghosting effect of many sunscreens. The size is super convenient, it fits perfectly in my handbag and I take it EVERYWHERE!

Nutrogena Skin Oil

Be careful applying this in the morning as it can increase the chance of sunburn but if applied after a shower at night it extends the life of your tan dramatically. the oil moisturizers the skin better than any moisturising cream I've tried, fighting off scales and maintaining a healthy glow for 24 hours. Choose one with a gentle smell which reminds you of summer to further support the holiday vibe. The Nutrogena skin oil is my personal favourite, i love the simple packing and large bottle because I lather this stuff on. It is also great to apply to feet, knees and elbows when tanning to avoid streaks and patches.

Maybelline Tattoo Brow & Tint

I've had my brows feathered previously but over time they do fade a little and I have not had time to get them filled in again. When not swimming I sometimes pencil them in but after a quick dip in the ocean they wash straight off so I don't bother. When I found Maybelline's Tattoo & Brow Tiny it was a life changer. This amazing stuff has solved this problem for me perfectly - it is applied on the brows for 20 minutes before being peeled off. Simple as that! It lasts for up to 3 days and there are varying shades depending on the depth of colour you need. Voila, brows which don't wash or rub off yet still look natural.

Le Tan Uber Dark

I discovered this tan recently and it is THE BEST tan I have ever used, hands down. I get so frustrated with tans which wash off straight away and leave only remnants of colour despite claiming to last for days, what is the point of all of that application time when the colour doesn't last? I use the violet based tan and it creates the perfect colour for my skin tone, it is so natural I've had countless questions and compliments on my tan lately since switching to this product. Two applications of this tanning foam has me covered and the colour lasts for days. Get on it, this is the only tan you will ever need.

The sooner we accept ourselves as we are, the more space we allow for joy and fun. I don't pretend to be completely natural, I am a product junkie - I love trying new things and experimenting with my beauty routine. What I do believe in though, is enhancing what is there rather than hiding, covering up or feeling ashamed of our natural self. It is a relief to accept my frizzy hair and counteract it with moisture rather than taming it into submission. It is a relief to embrace skincare and sun safety, opting instead for a killer fake tan and protecting my skin underneath. It is a relief to find a top notch moisturizing oil rather than drying myself out in the salt day after day. It is a relief to maintain strong brows which nature gave me and which suit my face but sadly were over plucked in my youth. It is a relief to stop fighting against my self and rather start working with what I have.

So yes, I believe natural is best but self care and the right products can be part of that and I am 100% behind feeling good and celebrating the skin we are in however that can be achieved!

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