What I've Learned About Adversity

We are conditioned to seek the easy road, to avoid risk, to practice caution. We are taught to avoid adversity at all costs. What I have discovered from facing my own battle is that adversity is in fact a gift. It is a gift hidden in an ugly box which feels almost impossible to open but what is waiting inside this ugly box are the most precious things you can obtain; strength, wisdom, humility, compassion, perspective, resilience and a true sense of self.

I spoke yesterday at the second Invincible She Women of Adversity event which was created by the incredible Camille from Pip & Lou. This event is aimed towards local women and provides a space to share our stories and vulnerabilities while inspiring one another through our individual journeys in overcoming adversity. That adversity is different for everyone and the speakers, 8 in total, all have different circumstances and backgrounds but a shared strength gained from being tested by life's struggles.